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  • Dates: September 9 – October 7, 2023
  • Format: 10 Game Schedule – Saturday Doubleheaders
  • Age Divisions: 8/9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u, 18u
  • Team Fee: $925 – *Using 2024 Age Divisions
  • Team Fee: $975 *16u & 18u Age Divisions
  • Player Liability Waiver: [ Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com ]
  • Registration Available: July 2023
  • Background Check for Coaches: [ Information & Steps ]
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, August 21, 2023
  1. Alpine Alpacas
  2. Bear River Bandits
  3. Black Mambas
  4. Bolts
  5. Bountiful Hawks
  6. CV Wolverines
  7. DC Vipers Yellow
  8. GC Wolf Pack
  9. Heber Valley Lobos
  10. Killer Bees
  11. Lumber Hogs
  12. Madcats
  13. MBA Braves
  14. Ogden Untamed
  15. Park City Miners
  16. Power Baseball
  17. RA Academy Fall 8’s
  18. RA Academy Fall 9’s
  19. Riverdawgs
  20. SC Stallions Navy
  21. SC Stallions Orange
  22. SC Stallions White
  23. Sin City Bison 8’s
  24. Sin City Bison 9’s
  25. The Griffins
  26. Tiburones
  27. Tville Warriors
  28. Utah Bombers
  29. Utah Scorpions
  30. Utah Swarm
  31. Venom Green
  32. Wasatch Black
  1. Base Blasters
  2. Cache Valley Crushers
  3. Club Hardball Red
  4. DC Vipers Black
  5. Dominicana 9’s
  6. Indian Baseball
  7. Lakers
  8. Party Animals 9’s
  9. RA Academy Black
  10. RA Academy White
  11. SL Rattlesnakes
  12. South Cache Stallions
  13. Storm
  14. TC Knights
  15. The Clash
  16. Wasatch Black
  1. Battle
  2. Bear River Bears
  3. Bountiful Hawks
  4. Dirty Dozen
  5. Dominicana Black
  6. Elite Mambas
  7. Gulls BBC
  8. Impact
  9. Khaos
  10. Kaysville Kingz
  11. RA Academy White
  12. RA Academy Silver
  13. Rattlers
  14. Rogue
  15. Salt Lake Sluggers
  16. SC Stallions Navy
  17. SC Stallions Orange
  18. Sin City Bison
  19. Taylorsville
  20. Titans
  21. Utah Smash
  22. Utah Scorpions
  23. UV Dirty Birds
  24. Wasatch Black
  1. Bolts
  2. Bountiful Hawks
  3. CV Blue Sox
  4. Dominicana 11’s
  5. Dominicana Black
  6. Drillers
  7. Elite Level Blue
  8. Elite Level White
  9. Elko Aces
  10. EU Raptors
  11. Highland Hustle
  12. Idaho Falls Blaze
  13. Impact
  14. Lakers
  15. Mapleton Raptors
  16. Panthers
  17. RA Black 11’s
  18. RA Academy Black
  19. RA Academy Silver
  20. RA Academy White
  21. South Cache Stallions
  22. Taylorsville
  23. Tiburones Black
  24. Utah Comets
  25. Utah Wild
  26. Venom
  27. WL Lightning
  28. Wolfpack Green
  1. Altamont Longhorns
  2. Bear River Bears
  3. Bonfire Baseball
  4. Bountiful Hawks
  5. Cache Wolverines
  6. Club Hardball Red
  7. CV Blue Sox
  8. CV Flyers
  9. Diamond Stars
  10. Elite Reds
  11. EM Rattlers
  12. EU Raptors
  13. Farmington Phanatics
  14. Idaho Cutthroats
  15. Lehi Bandits
  16. Nimbus
  17. Park City Miners
  18. RA Academy Gold
  19. RA Academy Silver
  20. Salt Lake Stars Blue
  21. Salt Lake Stars White
  22. Saratoga Cyclones
  23. Silverbacks
  24. South County Thunder
  25. Stallions
  26. Strikers
  27. T-Wolves
  28. Taylorsville Warriors
  29. Tiburones Blue 12’s
  30. Utah Bombers
  31. Utah Braves
  32. Utah Grizz
  33. Utah Scorpions
  34. Westside
  1. Bear River Bears
  2. BE Bees
  3. Blue Sox
  4. Bountiful Hawks
  5. Bucks Baseball
  6. CV Blue Sox
  7. CV Green Sox
  8. Dawgs
  9. Freedom Baseball
  10. Idaho Falls Bandits
  11. Idaho Threads
  12. Lakers
  13. Lehi Scorchers
  14. Lions
  15. Mafia
  16. Mavericks
  17. Nimbus
  18. Oympus Titans
  19. Park City Miners
  20. PV Heat
  21. RiverDawgs
  22. Salt Lake Sluggers
  23. Scorpions
  24. SC Stallions Navy
  25. SC Stallions Orange
  26. South Cache Stallions
  27. Syracuse Sasquatch
  28. Utah Generals
  29. Utah Heat
  30. Utah Swarm
  31. Vipers
  32. West Jordan Jags
  1. Abejas SLC
  2. Bountiful Hawks
  3. Cache Valley Vipers
  4. CC Chargers White
  5. DC Raptors
  6. Dirty Dozen
  7. Dominicana 14’s
  8. Farmington Phoenix
  9. Halos
  10. Idaho Falls
  11. Idaho Falls Toros
  12. Idaho Outlaws
  13. Idaho Rebels
  14. Idaho Royals
  15. Malad Dragons
  16. Morgan Baseball
  17. MVB
  18. Olympus Titans
  19. Preston Indians
  20. Sauntering Fellows
  21. Silverbacks
  22. South Cache
  23. Sting
  24. Stix
  25. T-Birds Baseball
  26. Thunder
  27. Utah Crushers
  28. Utah Yard Goats
  29. Vipers
  30. Weber Masons
  31. Young Guns
  1. Bees
  2. Bucks Baseball
  3. Chancho’s
  4. Cowboys
  5. Dominicana
  6. Farmington Phoenix
  7. Idaho Falls Knights
  8. Idaho Bees
  9. Idaho Outlaws
  10. Idaho Spuds
  11. LBC
  12. MVB
  13. Roadrunners
  14. SEI Baseball
  15. Sluggers
  16. Sugar Daddies
  17. TC Raptors
  18. Tooele
  19. Tremonton Clowns
  20. Valley Vikings
  21. Wyoming Sandlot
  • SmartScore Fall League Schedules (Weeks 4, 5) will be posted by the end of the weekend September 24.
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team.

  • RMSB will NOT require the “USA Bat” for 2021 Season

    • 200+ Teams – 4 Geographical Regions:
      Idaho Region
      Northern Utah Region
      Salt Lake Valley Region
      Utah Valley Region  

  • Fall League: It’s intended as an opportunity to prepare teams for the Spring and Summer of the 2021 season. In many cases players will move to a larger sized diamond, with some rule changes in affect. The Fall League is a preparatory and instructional time with the focus being on player development. Thus, teams are not required to report scores, as no standings are kept for the Fall League. The Cache Valley Clash Tournament is an optional League Tournament with Saturdays tournament games counting as teams Fall League games. Also, September 5th is a League wide Bye Week for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. We do hold our open Labor Day Tournament in Utah County over the Bye Week.  
  • Schedules: Travel will be limited as much as possible. However, teams may play teams outside of their Region. Teams also may play the same team twice during the season. We ask that you re-check your schedules every Monday Night prior to your games. Schedules may change due to unforeseen circumstances. We thank you in advance for your understanding and adapting to any schedule changes. If your schedule is changed Monday after 6:00pm the week of your games, we will notify you of the change.  
  • Background Checks for Coaches: All Head and Assistant Coaches for Fall League are REQUIRED to complete a background check every 3 years in order to coach.  We are taking this step to help protect our players and coaches in this difficult era. We thank all coaches for their dedication and countless hours of service.  Please realize this is a safeguard for our children.  Click Here for instructions to complete the background check.  The deadline for the background checks is Tuesday, August 18th. There is a small fee required. Coaches will be contacted if there are any questions or concerns regarding their background check results.  If coaches already submitted a background check for Super League they do NOT need to submit one again for Fall League.  
  • Liability Waivers for Players: Waivers need to be filled out, signed, and uploaded to SHOP RMSB. After one year from the date signed, Waivers must be signed and uploaded again.

Fall League Dates:

  • Week 1: Saturday, September 9
  • Week 2: Saturday, September 16
  • Week 3: Saturday, September 23 (Optional Cache Valley Clash Tournament)
  • Week 4: Saturday, September 30
  • Week 5: Saturday, October 7
  • Rain Out Make-up Date: Saturday, October 14

The League will Provide the following during the Fall League Season:

  • Game Baseballs
  • Umpires
  • Playing Fields
  • Online Schedules
  • Fall League is meant to be fun. A time to play baseball without any worry and a chance to learn a new position or two. For many years Fall League was a wood bat league. We even provided wood bats and jerseys to each team in the early days. As the league grew, that model was not sustainable. The Fall program is intended as an opportunity to prepare teams for the Spring and Summer of the upcoming spring season. In many cases players will move to a larger sized diamond, with some rule changes in affect. The Fall League is a preparatory and instructional time with the focus being on player development.

Anyone is welcome to organize and form a team to play in our tournaments and leagues. To help you find players for your team, we provide a list of interested players on our Talent Pool. We invite you to use this list as a resource.May 1st is the cutoff date used. Example: If you are forming a 12u team, all players must be 12 or younger on April 30th of the season you are playing in. There are no boundary restrictions. Teams are required to provide their own uniforms and equipment. We provide baseballs for all of our events.We provide teams the opportunity to sign up online on our web site. We accept most credit cards and electronic checks.


If you are not interested in forming your own team, you are welcome to submit your player’s name on our Talent Pool. Our Talent Pool is a list of players that are looking to find a team. Coaches refer to this list when trying to fill spots on their teams. There is no fee for this service. The Talent Pool is located on our Bulletin Board on our web site.Also on our Bulletin Board we offer a page dedicated to Team Tryouts/Want Ads. Teams that need players list information regarding available spots on their teams. We encourage players interested in finding a team to refer to this information often.We only accept team registrations for our events. We do not take individual registrations. If you are unable to find a team using the above resources, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for as many kids as possible to play the game of baseball.