turkey trot

  • GOLD DIVISION & SILVER DIVISION (10u to 14u details in Tournament Format section)
  • Wondering whether to play Gold or Silver?
  • Dates: November 10, 11, 2023 (Friday, Saturday)
  • Location: St. George area (Utah), Mesquite (Nevada)
  • Age Divisions: 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u, 18u
  • Team Fee: $695 *Using 2024 Age Divisions
  • Team Fee: $795 *16u & 18u Age Divisions
  • Player Waiver of Liability: [Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com]
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, October 23, 2023
  • SmartScore SchedulesChampionship and Consolation Games are posted on Saturday’s SmartScore schedules as well.
  • Games in Nevada are Pacific Time & Games in Utah are Mountain Time
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team
  • The Tournament schedules will also be available on GameChanger via the Tournament Platform one day prior to the start of the tournament

  1. Black Mambas (UT)
  2. Blue Sox (UT)
  3. Chaos (UT)
  4. Club Hardball (UT)
  5. Dixie Dirt Devils (UT)
  6. Elite National (UT)
  7. Griffins (UT)
  8. IBA Dirtbags (UT)
  9. MBA Braves (UT)
  10. Party Animals (UT)
  11. RA Academy Black (UT)
  12. Wasatch Black (UT)
  1. Aces Baseball (UT)
  2. Baseball Strong (UT)
  3. Bulldogs (UT)
  4. Club Hardball Red (UT)
  5. Elite Mambas (UT)
  6. Madison Cats (UT)
  7. MBA Green (UT)
  8. MBA Kraken (UT)
  9. Powerhouse (UT)
  10. RA Academy Black (UT)
  11. Sawtooth Catch (ID)
  12. SC Warriors (UT)
  13. Silverbacks (UT)
  14. TC Knights (UT)
  15. Wasatch Black (UT)
  16. Wasatch Gold (UT)
  1. Elite (UT)
  2. Freeze Blue (UT)
  3. Preds (UT)
  4. RA Academy Black (UT)
  5. Rebels (UT)
  6. Salt Lake Pepper (UT)
  7. SF Strikers (UT)
  8. Storm (UT)
  9. Thunder Baseball (UT)
  10. Utah Boom (UT)
  11. Utah Grays (UT)
  12. Utah Players (UT)
  13. Utah Prospects (UT)
  14. Westside Bulldogs (UT)
  1. Bad Boyz (UT)
  2. Freeze Gray (UT)
  3. Grantsville Cowboys (UT)
  4. Gulls BBC (UT)
  5. Pirates (UT)
  6. RA Academy White (UT)
  7. Rippers (UT)
  8. Salt Lake Sluggers (UT)
  9. SS Mafia (UT)
  10. Utah Smash (UT)
  11. UV Dirty Birds (UT)
  12. Wasatch Black (UT)
  1. Dixie Braves (UT)
  2. MBA KingsWay (UT)
  3. Naturals (UT)
  4. NU Valley Henderson (UT)
  5. RA Academy White (UT)
  6. Tiburones Blue (UT)
  7. Utah Rebels (UT)
  8. Warriorz (UT)
  1. Base Invaders (UT)
  2. CBA Summit (UT)
  3. CV Flyers (UT)
  4. Flathead A’s (MT)
  5. Freeze (UT)
  6. Nighthawks (UT)
  7. NU Valley Olsen (UT)
  8. Rawlings Hansen (UT)
  9. Tiburones Black (UT)
  10. Utah Comets (UT)
  11. Utah RedTails (UT)
  1. NU Valley SL (UT)
  2. RA Academy Black (UT)
  3. Riverdawgs (UT)
  4. Tiburones Blue (UT)
  5. Utah Braves (UT)
  6. Utah Lumberkings (UT)
  7. Utah Spikes (UT)
  1. Club Hardball Red (UT)
  2. Elite Reds (UT)
  3. Flathead A’s (MT)
  4. Lehi Bandits (UT)
  5. Olympus Titans (UT)
  6. Prime Baseball (UT)
  7. RA Academy Gold (UT)
  8. RA Academy Silver (UT)
  9. RA Academy White (UT)
  10. Reapers (UT)
  11. South County Thunder (UT)
  12. Stixx Baseball (UT)
  13. Swarm (UT)
  14. Tiburones Black (UT)
  15. Titans Baseball (UT)
  16. Utah Bombers (UT)
  17. Utah Braves (UT)
  18. Utah Raptors (UT)
  1. Gulls BBC Navy (UT)
  2. Lake City Baseball (UT)
  3. Mavericks Baseball (UT)
  4. MBA Horns (UT)
  5. RA Academy Black (UT)
  6. UC Prospects (UT)
  1. CBA Summit (UT)
  2. Dawgs (UT)
  3. Elite Combat (UT)
  4. Gulls BBC Yellow (UT)
  5. Lehi Scorchers (UT)
  6. Madison Cats (ID)
  7. Mafia Baseball (UT)
  8. Mavericks (UT)
  9. Rocky Mtn Rebels (UT)
  10. Salt Lake Sluggers (UT)
  11. T-Wolves (UT)
  12. UC Tigers (UT)
  13. Wasatch (UT)
  1. American Batsmith (UT)
  2. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  3. CBA Warriors (UT)
  4. CU 57’s (UT)
  5. Flathead A’s (MT)
  6. Herriman (UT)
  7. Hurricane Tigers (UT)
  8. Hurricane Valley Aces (UT)
  9. Jags Baseball (UT)
  10. MBA Navy (UT)
  11. MVB (UT)
  12. Rawlings Black (UT)
  13. Rawlings Orange (UT)
  14. Sauntering Fellows (UT)
  15. Silverbacks (UT)
  16. Southern Utah Storm (UT)
  17. Stampede Navy (UT)
  18. Stampede Red (UT)
  19. Suga Suga (UT)
  20. Utah Dirty Birds (UT)
  21. Vipers (UT)
  22. Wasatch Baseball (UT)
  23. YGB (UT)
  1. Cedar Reds (UT)
  2. Chargers (UT)
  3. Dixie (UT)
  4. Flathead A’s (MT)
  5. Herriman Baseball (UT)
  6. Lehi (UT)
  7. MM Eagles (UT)
  8. MVB (UT)
  9. Rawlings Black SC (UT)
  10. Rawlings Orange SC (UT)
  11. Riot Baseball (UT)
  12. South Corner Green (UT)
  13. South Corner Navy (UT)
  14. Southern Utah Storm (UT)
  15. Springville Devils (UT)
  16. Stampede Baseball (UT)
  17. T-Birds Baseball (UT)
  18. Tigers (UT)
  19. Utah Dirty Birds (UT)
  20. Utah Rangers (UT)
  21. Virgin Valley (NV)
  22. Wasatch Baseball (UT)
  23. YBG (UT)

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  • WOOD BAT (13u, 14u, 16u, 18u)
  • Tournament Format
  • Pool Play – 4 Games
  • Two Games Day 1 and Two Games Day 2
  • Teams must be prepared to play as early as 8:00 am on Day 1
  • Championship & Consolation (some age divisions) Game will be held in the evening on Day 2
  • Note: Fewest runs allowed by common opponent OR fewest runs allowed (all opponents) may be the determining factor for the teams that qualify for the Championship or Consolation Games. It is likely that more than one team per Pool will have a 4-0 record.
  • Individual Awards for 1st & 2nd Place (Gold & Silver Divisions
  • Teams from Gold Division who played in Semi-Finals at Cache Valley Clash must play in Gold Division for Turkey Trot.
  • Teams from Silver Division who play in the Championship Game at Cache Valley Clash must play in Gold Division for Turkey Trot.
  • The final tournament of the calendar year is the Turkey Trot Tournament. This tournament has gained in popularity over the years where it now fills to capacity annually. Teams must want one last shot of some good baseball weather before hunkering down for the Winter!
Age Division
Projected Playing Fields
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area)
Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada

2023 Champions

9u Party Animals

Coaches: Jake Smoot, Tyler Deal, Chad Bunn
Ethan Zhang, Austin Bernardo, Carson Bunn, James Lintelman, Deegan Deal, Declan Magoffin, Briggs Blackner, Lil’ G, Sawyer Nielsen, Will Okey, Timber Nielsen, Sawyer Hansen, Golden Smoot

10u Baseball Strong

Coaches: Travis Francom, DeVerl Hoskins, Josh Culp, Lance Tuescher
Players: Aurie Taylor, Blake Francom, Brennan Colston, Brock Tuescher, Drew Worrell, Ezra Zenger, Hinckley Baldwin, Jameson Madsen, Logan Culp, Mini Corry, Sullivan Taylor

11G Utah Grays

Coaches: Laren Nalder, Sean Lee
Players: Cruz young, conner rose, max McGinnis, Talan Brady, Michael Lee, Jay couch, Krue Morton, James rice, Nash Nalder, korbin Neal, Parker brooks

11S Gulls BBC

Coaches: Adam Goodsell, Dom Jefferies
Players: Tevin Baldwin, Brody Dunn, Eli Strang, Kole Goodsell, Mason Fay, McCoy Edwards, Kempton Watson, Nixxon Honeycutt, Baylor Jones, Ty Blackburn

12G Utah Rebels

Coaches: Chris Takemori, Wick Udy
Players: Diesel Mascaro, Calvin Orme, Beck Loveless, Cole Shields, Ledger Christensen, Everett Christensen, Kache Hanley, Giddeon Alvarez, Ryker White, Kannon Udy, Colt White, Landon Takemori

12S CBA Summit

Coaches: JP DeWitt, Marc Nelson
Players: Abe Haslem, Cory Hiatt, Dexten Leavitt, Gage Hobson, Max Larkin, Oliver Sterner, Parker Heath, Porter Campbell, Raiden Hunt, Ryan Dewitt, Tayton Plewe, Trevyn King

13G Utah Lumberkings

Coaches: Chris Carter, Matt Pepper
Players: Brodie Zimmerman, Kingston Johnson, Ethan Pepper, Hawkin Rasmussen, Benji Engemann, Tyson Carter, Damon Bateman, Talon Nelson, Treyson Orton, Dash Avery

13S RA Academy White

Coach: Goose Kallunki, Kody Floyd
Players: Markus McCoy, Mason Palmer, Daichi Hibino, Kade Robinson, Karston Hafen, Krew Floyd, Odin Hendrix, Briggs Gardner, Tucker Willett, Will Winterton, Hard Rock, Black Hoodie, Gray Hoodie

14G UC Prospects

Coaches: Daniel De Mille, Wyatt Cloward
Players: Austin Elswood, Dax Clement, Ethan Demille, Gunner Cloward, Jace Spencer, Jaxon Carlton, Noah Marsing, Tate Marsing, Tobin Degelbeck, Vake Wolfgramm

14S Salt Lake Sluggers

Coaches: Britton Lunt & Shane Lunt
Players: Matthew Smith, Kollin Stevens, Kole Butler, Trevor Garn, Trey Matich, Finn Wissler, Aiden Parry, Cannon Lunt, Tyson Thurgood, Colton Gainey

16u MBA Navy

Coaches: Murph Norris, Dax Holmstead, Casey Cloward
Players: Boston Hatch, Austin Sorenson, James Rex, Trigg Cloward, Ty Holmstead, Luke Robley, Austin Brown, Jake Welch, Dakota Pound, Ryder Sand, Mason Glauser

18u South Corner Green

Coach: Reed Secrist
Players: Eli Paulson, Kyson Goates, Ryder Harrison, Makaio Swensen, Crew Secrist, Jackson Kirby, Hayden Smith, Jon Paul Rowley, Andrew Lyon, Damon Ence, Ledger Shipp, Dewy Gibb