turkey trot

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Address: 2450 N. Town Center Drive, Washington, UT 84780
Group Rate: $149
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  • WOOD BAT (13u, 14u, 16u, 18u)
  • Pool Play – 4 Games
  • Two Games Day 1 and Two Games Day 2
  • Teams must be prepared to play as early as 8:00 am on Day 1
  • Championship & Consolation (some age divisions) Game will be held in the evening on Day 2
  • Note: Fewest runs allowed by common opponent OR fewest runs allowed (all opponents) may be the determining factor for the teams that qualify for the Championship or Consolation Games. It is likely that more than one team per Pool will have a 4-0 record.
  • Individual Awards for 1st Place and 2nd Place (Championship Game)
  • SmartScore Schedules will be posted 1 week prior to the start of the Tournament – Championship Games will be posted on Saturday’s SmartScore schedules as well.
  • Games in Nevada are Pacific Time & Games in Utah are Mountain Time
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team
  • The Tournament schedules will also be available on GameChanger via the Tournament Platform one day prior to the start of the tournament

  • The final tournament of the calendar year is the Turkey Trot Tournament. This tournament has gained in popularity over the years where it now fills to capacity annually. Teams must want one last shot of some good baseball weather before hunkering down for the Winter!
Age Division
Projected Playing Fields
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area)
Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area)
St. George, Utah (area) – Mesquite, Nevada
St. George, Utah (area) – Moapa Valley, Nevada

2019 Champions

8u Mavericks Baseball

Coach: Billy Hall
Players: Billy Hall, Bridger Hall, Bryson Bliss, Jase Hendrickson, Miah Daniels, Quincy Rogers, Sam Jex, Seth Brumfield, Spencer Vest

9u Clutch Performance

Coaches: Brigg Rasmussen, Jared Haynie, Dale Rex, Max Olsen
Players: Kye Ward, Hawkin Rasmussen, Brady Beck, Luke Lewis, Henry Rex, Braiden Litke, Cal Haynie, Nash Olsen, Crue Harvard, Remi Bowen

10u Utah Xtreme

Coach: Casey Cloward
Players: Bronco Blackhurst, Cody Mclean, Dexten Wyman, Dylan Chambers, Jeter Gillins, Landon Carter, Mccoy Christensen, Sanders Daley, Tai Daniels, Trigg Cloward, Tripp Linford

11u Utah Marshalls

Coach: Mike Schneider
Players: Tosh Schneider, Beck Berge, Brennan Blackett, Joaquin Reymus, Jax Carlton, Wrigley Cluff, Chris Meier, Crew Anderson, Cooper Harris, Trygg Jensen, Trig Richards, Dax Clement

12u UCBA Barons

Coaches: Matt Price, Kodey Whiteley, Jaron Poulson, Doug Ybarra
Players: Drew Smith, Gabe Robinson, Cache Poulson, Bosten Fountaine, Alexandros Price, Cole Ybarra, Nash Clement, Landon Johnson, Garrett Downing, Kannon Whiteley, Boston Jones

13u UCBA Barons Blue

Coaches: Jeremy Thomas, Doug Johnston, Ryan Brady, Clint Mitchell, Chris Anderson
Players: RJ Wilson, Noah Brady, Trey Mitchell, Mason Henry, Braiden Catterson, Austin Park, Rex Harward, Peyton Ingram, Carson Anderson, Chase Johnston, Carter Turley, Brock Butterfield, AJ Thomas

14u AF Cavemen

Coach: Rob Andrews
Players: Dax Watts, Davis Andrews, Jett Walker, Alec Lewis, Aiden Mendenhall, Tayson Howard, Alex Bramwell, Corbin Gull, Tua Wolfgramm, Britt Nielsen

16u Lugnuts

Coaches: Bob Dobson, Matt Logan, Skyler Wallin
Players: Zack Wallin, Joe Henault, Leo Pena, Karsten Beebe, Kaleb Breeze, Tyson VanWagoner, Kree Wallin, Hunter Logan, Greyson Wallin, Jake Adams, Seth Dobson, Jake Wallin

18u Orem Tigers

Coach: Carl Hermansen
Players: Camden Decker, Coleman Finch, Dalton Strickland, Dane Hermansen, Donnie Washburn, Grayson Bowen, Josh Hogge, Kaden Draper, Mackay Smith, Parker Hatch, Scotty Sargent, Tanner Finch, Taylor Gill