Coaches Background

  • If you last Registered in Spring 2021 – You’ll need to Register again for the Spring 2024 Season
  • We would like to take a moment of your time and apologize in advance. RMSB owes you and every other coach a debt of gratitude for your dedication over the years and for your commitment to the game and your team. Our kids are being educated and raised in a difficult era in many ways. However, we need to give all parents confidence that their children can indeed play under your guidance.  
  • RMSB will continue to help protect our players and coaches. Therefore, RMSB does REQUIRE background checks for the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches.  

NOTE: This position requires that each individual pays for their own background check. Before your application is submitted you will be required to enter credit card information and successfully process a payment of $14.00.

Coach Background System

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  3. Complete the application.
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