Tournament Platform will be setup for *Free App Download

All Teams are required to use GameChanger (Classic App) to score their Two Home Games for all RMSB Tournaments (Championship Day games included).

Learn more about GameChanger

Recorded GameChanger Scorekeeping Training/Demo

Why GameChanger?

• Access to all “LIVE” Tournament Games for Ages 8u to 18u.
• Tournament results for ALL Games will be accessible along with stats for each game.
• Keeps track of innings pitched. Pitching Logs will no longer be required.
• All teams must register online for tournaments so RMSB has access to each teams online Roster.

Note: SmartScore and Run Charts will still be used for Game Results and Tie-Breaker information.


• How do Fans find the Tournament games on GameChanger?

— Open the GameChanger Classic App (Not the Team Manager App)
— Select the Menu button (top left)
— Select Find Team
— You can choose to Follow a Team which will add them to your Apps home screen.
— You can also find the most recent or LIVE games by Clicking Here.

• If I already follow our team on GameChanger and have a plus or premium subscription, will it work to follow the same team for the RMSB tournament?

Yes, you can follow any and every team/tournament on GameChanger with your current subscription.

• What devices can I use to keep score?

All iOS and Android devices are compatible with GameChanger. Parents/Fans can follow the Tournament with an iOS or Android device as well. Plus, the scorekeeper will need plenty of battery life for their device! – Device Compatibility

• Do I have to have a subscription to see the tournament information?

No, you can still see the tournament page, scores, animated live games, standings and schedules for free! You’d only need a Plus or Premium subscription if you wanted to see the box scores, stats, play-by-play or recap stories. The fan pricing page explains different levels of fan access: GC Fan Pricing.

• Can both teams score the game on GameChanger under the tournament page?

NO, only ONE team can score the game under the tournament page. The home team is the designated GameChanger scorekeeper for the tournament. However, if the home team scorekeeper wants to relinquish the scorebook duties to the visiting team for whatever reason, they may do so as long as the visiting team agrees.

• I’m the home team/official scorekeeper for the game, but my team already uses GameChanger, can my games be imported into the tournament page?

No, there is no current way to import the scored games from your regular GameChanger team into the tournament games. In order for your game results and stats to be reflected on the tournament page on GameChanger, your team will be REQUIRED (when home team) to have one of your scorekeepers score under the login that RMSB provides you.

• Will we need to setup the Games and Enter our Team’s Roster on GameChanger?

No, but it will be imperative to always keep your Team’s Rosters up to date on SHOP. This will ensure your GameChanger Roster is correct for each RMSB Tournament your team is playing in. Player Numbers can be added Day 1 of the tournament. Players also can be added to your Roster if necessary Day 1.

• How do I edit my Team Roster to add Jersey #’s, etc..?

After you Login to your Team’s account on the App, you can Edit your Team’s Roster after you Download your Team’s first Home Game on the Tournament Platform before you start to keep score (DO NOT start to score the game at this time).

• How do I score games on Championship Day where the teams are all listed as TBD?

— Tap on the game you are wanting to score in the GameChanger App
— Select “Edit Game Details”
— Select the Teams from the drop-down menus in the “Team Info” section
— Select “Done”