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  • NEW Registrations are now being Accepted
  • Optional Super League Tournament *Pocatello Postponed*
  • COVID-19 Top of Utah Tournament Safety Plan
  • Dates: June 19, 20, 2020 (Friday, Saturday)
  • Location: Logan, Providence, Hyrum, Garland, Tremonton (Utah)
  • Age Divisions: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u
  • Team Fee: $295 *League Teams
  • Team Fee: $395 *Non-League Teams
  • *Availability for Non-League Teams is Limited
  • Player Waiver of Liability: [Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com]
  • Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 3  2020
  1. Bear River Dirtbags (UT)
  2. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  3. Club Hardball (UT)
  4. DC Jets (UT)
  5. Fire 2.0 (UT)
  6. Idaho Falls Blaze (ID)+
  7. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  8. Idaho Vipers (ID)
  9. Predator Baseball (UT)
  10. Utah Thunderhawks (UT)
  1. Bear River Bears (UT)
  2. Box Elder RiverDawgs (UT)
  3. Chubbuck Crush (ID)
  4. CV Wolverines (UT)
  5. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  6. Ogden Tigers (UT)
  7. Rock Springs Tigers (WY)
  8. TC Knights (UT)
  9. Tiburones Baseball (UT)-
  10. Utah Quake (UT)
  11. Utah Rockies (UT)
  12. Utah Warriors (UT)-
  1. Ballhawks (UT)
  2. Bear River Bears (UT)
  3. Boise Scrappers (ID)
  4. BR Bears (UT)
  5. Cache Wolverines Black (UT)-
  6. Cache Wolverines Blue (UT)
  7. Club Hardball (UT)
  8. Dominicana Baseball (UT)
  9. Honey Badgers (UT)
  10. Idaho Falls Aces (ID)-
  11. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  12. JD Wolverines (UT)
  13. Morgan Trojans (UT)
  14. ND FireHawks (UT)
  15. Outsiders (UT)
  16. TC Knights (UT)
  17. Utah Peaks (UT)-
  18. Utah Swarm (UT)
  1. Blackfoot Broncos (ID)
  2. Blue Sox (UT)
  3. Bulls (UT)
  4. Cache Valley Trappers (UT)
  5. Cache Wolverines American (UT)-
  6. Cache Wolverines National (UT)-
  7. Chargers Blue (UT)
  8. Chargers White (UT)
  9. Colts 10’s (UT)
  10. Dominicana Baseball (UT)
  11. GJ Mavs Black (CO)
  12. Grand (ID)
  13. Idaho Falls Blaze (ID)
  14. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  15. Killer Bees (UT)
  16. Malad Dragons (ID)
  17. Rock Springs Tigers (WY)
  18. TC Hawks (UT)
  19. TC Knights (UT)
  20. Utah Swarm (UT)
  21. Weber Masons (UT)
  22. Wildfire (UT)
  1. Bengals (UT)
  2. Cache Beavers (UT)
  3. Cache Valley Titans (UT)
  4. Cache Wolverines (UT)-
  5. CBA Summit (UT)
  6. CV Commanders (UT)
  7. Dirty Dozen (ID)
  8. Dominators (UT)
  9. Grantsville Cowboys (UT)
  10. Idaho Falls Chukars (ID)
  11. Idaho Prime (ID)
  12. Idaho Sidewinders (ID)
  13. Island Warriors Bati (UT)-
  14. Lehi Rampage (UT)
  15. MC Trojans (UT)
  16. Northmen (UT)
  17. NU Bears (UT)
  18. Reign (UT)
  19. Sabotage (UT)
  20. Salt Lake Jays (UT)
  21. Sting (UT)
  22. UT Crushers (UT)
  23. Utah Smash (UT)
  1. 208 Rumblers (ID)
  2. Bear River Bears (UT)
  3. Blackfoot Broncos (ID)
  4. Bombers Baseball (UT)
  5. Bucks (UT)
  6. Cache Valley Sox (UT)
  7. Grand (ID)
  8. Idaho Falls Chukars (ID)
  9. Idaho Mayhem (ID)
  10. Idaho Prime (ID)
  11. Idaho Vipers (ID)
  12. Jr Grays (ID)
  13. Malad Stingers (ID)
  14. Minico Smashers (ID)
  15. Morgan 050 (UT)
  16. Northern Nitro (UT)
  17. Rigby Royals (ID)-
  18. South Cache Mud Ducks (UT)
  19. Sting Gray (UT)
  20. Sting Royal (UT)
  21. TC Knights (UT)
  22. TC Titans (UT)
  23. Tiburones Baseball (UT)-
  24. Wildhogs (UT)
  25. Wood River (ID)
  1. American Falls (ID)
  2. Basin Cyclones (UT)
  3. Bear River Rebels (UT)
  4. DC Bombers (UT)
  5. Grand Valley Raptors (CO)
  6. Idaho Bulls (ID)
  7. Madcats (ID)
  8. MC Trojans (UT)
  9. Ridgeline Hawks (UT)-
  10. Sand Dogs (UT)
  11. TC Cowboys (UT)
  12. Templars (UT)
  13. Tiburones Baseball (UT)-
  14. Wasatch Back (UT)

Hampton Inn & Suites Logan

Address: 207 Main St, Logan, UT 84321
Rate: RMSB Group Special (K. QQ Rooms)
Book: Custom Online Link

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Marriott SpringHill Suites Logan

Address: 635 South Riverwoods Parkway Logan, UT
Rate: RMSB Group Special (K, QQ Rooms)
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Comfort Inn & Suites Logan

Address: 1665 N Main St, Logan, UT
Rate: RMSB Group Special (K, QQ Rooms)
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  • Pool Play – 4 Games
  • Two Games Day 1 and Two Games Day 2
  • Teams must be prepared to play as early as 8:00 am on Day 1
  • Championship & Consolation (some age divisions) Games will be held in the evening on Day 2
  • Note: Fewest runs allowed by common opponent OR fewest runs allowed (all opponents) may be the determining factor for the teams that qualify for the Championship or Consolation Games. It is likely that more than one team per Pool will have a 4-0 record.
  • Note: Your Team’s two Games on Day 2 will be part of your Super League schedule.
  • Individual Awards for 1st Place and 2nd Place (Championship Game)
  • Qualifier for Tournament of Champions July 16, 17, 18, 2020 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • SmartScore Schedules will be posted Friday, May 1, 2020
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team
  • The Tournament schedules will also be available on GameChanger via the Tournament Platform one day prior to the start of the tournament

  • Rules
  • Field Addresses
  • Championship & Consolation Games are Posted on SmartScore
  • Run Charts [ 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u, 18u ]
  • Tournament Format and Supervisor Info
  • Pitching Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct
  • RMSB Apparel set-up @ Pocatello Cotant Park
  • Field / Weather Conditions
  • The Pocatello Tournament was originally intended to keep the Idaho teams happy so they would not have to travel to Utah every Saturday for league play. It was a way to get them some home games. What started out as a 20 team tournament has become a tournament popular throughout the Northwest and fills to capacity every year, using fields in surrounding areas such as Blackfoot and American Falls.

9u Age Division –
9u Age Division –
9u Age Division –
9u Age Division –
9u Age Division –

2019 Champions

8u Idaho Prime

Coaches: Josh Packer, Taylor Smith, Easton Lucero
Carter, Kole, Dom, Dreyton, Brody, Carson, Carter, Jax, Jace, Diesel, Buster

9u Herriman Colts

Coach: Dax Holmstead
Players: Ty Holmstead, Kingston Stroshine, Landon Fram, Beckett Willardson, Will Brown, Markus Mccoy, Hudson Boardman, Zack Budge, Tegan Tharp, Kenny Rowe

11u Idaho Prime

Coach: Christian Colonel
Players: Cody Smith, Bo Larsen, Cooper Watson, Cooper Colonel, Reggie Larsen, Kael Remington, Tate Whitworth, Kai Jones, Kaiden Kingzio, Marshall Glenn

12u UCBA Barons Blue

Coach: Jeremy Thomas
Noah Brady, Carson Anderson, Austin Park, Braiden Catterson, Trey Mitchell, AJ Thomas, Carter Turley, Rex Harward, Chase Johnston, Brock Butterfield

13u Treasure Valley Elite

Coach: Nathan Lowry
Players: Ryan Lowry, Brandon Lowry, Ryder Cutlip, Jordan Ellett, Caden Yesford, Joe Stroschein, Evan Brown, Wesley Thompson, Bridger Allen, Conner Marshall, Quentin LaChance