Fundraising – 2020

Current Opportunities

Salt Lake Bees Tickets: View Flyer
Youth & High School Baseball Fundraising Program
The Salt Lake Bees Fundraising Program Is Designed to Benefit Youth And High School Baseball in the State of Utah. Raise Money for Your Team and Work Towards Achievable Rewards. For more information on the program and how your team can get started, please contact us.
Contact: Robby Monson (801) 350-6968
eMail: robby.monson@slbees.com

Custom Designed Team Quilts

Info: You can design a quilt for your team which can be sold to friends and family or auctioned at team events and dinners. These are quilts with printed high quality cotton quilt tops and soft Cuddle Minky backing. Design and finished in two weeks. Made in the USA.
Contact: David Ostler (800) 940-3522
Website: [Click Here]
eMail: orders@stitchedcustomquilts.com

TriQuest Mobile Coupon App Fundraiser

Info: Give something to your supporters that they can use every day to save money.
You sell cards for $20 each. The cards provide access to the App and Website where people will get deals and discounts when they shop.
Contact: Josh Brown
Website: [Click Here]
eMail: josh.brown@gotriquest.com

Right Response Fundraising

Great Fundraiser for Fall Ball gear & fees!
– 50% profit!!
– No minimums
– Free shipping
– No upfront costs
– Everyone needs it
First aid kits, ranging from $12 to $120, for personal, family, business and emergency preparedness!
Sell something that helps your community be prepared! Call, text or email
Contact: Eric Hallen (801) 390-0415
View Flyer: [Click Here]
Website: www.rightresponse.com
eMail: eric.hallen@myrightresponse.com

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

Depending on your Team’s goals, we want to help you meet yours! Let our demonstrated success be part of your fundraising efforts. Whether you need $50, $500 or $5,000, let us show you how you could achieve that with Cards for a Cause. Coaches no need to stress I do the majority of the work! I bring you the packets all ready to hand out to your players, I order the products, and I deliver the product all ready divided for each player to avoid confusion. Some of our major selling points are:
* They are unique!
* 30 cards for $30-Only a $1 each!
* Every card come embellished with a decorative envelope!
* The box has cards for every occasion: Thank You, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Boy or Girl, and Blank Cards!
Contact: Shianne Healey (801) 360-1386
View Flyer: [Click Here]
eMail: healey.shianne@gmail.com


We have FOUR different fundraisers to choose from, cookie dough, popcorn, gourmet treats, and home-style fudge! Coaches and parents, no need to stress, I do all the work! I hand out the fundraiser packets, pick up order forms, and when products are delivered I am there to separate all orders to eliminate any confusion! Parents only need to pay for the product when order forms are turned in, and they keep the profit. For more information please visit my website at www.sweetwaystofundraise.com