Fundraising – 2024

Current Opportunities


Schoolfundr is a free, simple way to raise more and keep the funds you raise. It’s an online donation platform that leverages email, text and social media to bring donors to a custom built landing page, where they can donate to your fundraiser directly from their computer or cell phones. No more selling products and losing a huge chunk of what you raise! We help teams raise more, with less work, and allow you to keep the funds you raise, so your team can reach its full potential. Here is a link to see what one team has accomplished by using our platform.

With most fundraisers teams are giving away at least 20% of their profits. With Schoolfundr, your team keeps 100% of the funds raised after standard credit card processing fees. There are no up-front costs or hidden fees. Click Here to learn more about what we do!

Kettle Corn Fundraiser Opportunity

Pippity Pop is your go-to for giving back to the community! With our amazing fundraising opportunity for your Team, you can hit your goals without breaking the bank.

Splash Drinks & Treats Fundraising

We are here to provide an incredible fundraising opportunity for you and your teams! With custom soda shops located throughout Northern/Southern Utah as well as Las Vegas, all folks will be able to utilize their cards at their convenience.

At Splash we offer a variety of soda combinations, along with the ability for you to create your own. We also have combinations that include energy drinks, including Bucked Up!

In addition, Splash serves an array of cookies, pretzel bites and even Dippin’ Dots!

The cards are available for Custom Sodas (10 per card), Dippin’ Dots (8 per card) and Cookies (12 per card). The price to the seller is only $10 per card and can be sold between $20-$25 per card! This incredible ROI opportunity is here to benefit both the seller and buyer!

Flex Fundraising

More Ways to Raise
At Flex Fundraising we pride ourselves on improving the donor experience with products they actually want. You will have the flexibility to use product categories from our trusted partners, upload your own products OR work with us to create unique products specific to your organization

Our product categories range from custom apparel to health and wellness to raffles to cash donations. We work closely with our fundraisers and tailor their page to exactly what their donors are looking for. Our flexibility is unmatched in the fundraising industry.

-Raise More
Share quickly via text, email, and social media
More ways for donors to give

-Keep More
No upfront cost, no hidden fees, no haggling
Calculate earnings upfront

-Do Less
Fast and easy setup
Start to finish support from a Flex Fundraising Expert


Fresh, Famous Mexican Vanilla Fundraiser: View Video
We are the famous Mexican Vanilla Fundraiser that is taking Utah by storm. Our program has helped teams raise thousands of dollars. We represent one of only 3 Authentic Mexican Vanilla products legally imported to the USA straight from Mexico. We provide the Freshest, Family Owned, Cold Pressed and Gluten Free product that is the secret for all great bakers, and can’t be found on the shelves at your local market. The Apollo Streams fundraiser provides the same flyers and social media graphics in digital format that helped a local High School Marching Band raise $60,0000 in just 3 weeks!!! Be the first in your city to provide the Famous Apollo Streams Mexican Vanilla Fundraiser.

Contact Information:
Rich Muirbrook (801) 336-7613
eMail: rich@apollostreams.com
Website: https://apollostreams.com/

World Finest Chocolates: View Flyer
If you need money for equipment, travel costs, tournament fees, or other team needs, we are here to help you.  Since 1949 we have helped teams like yours raise over $4 billion in profits. No other fundraiser comes close to delivering for you like us. Start to finish, the entire process takes around one week . . . no catalogs to mess with, no orders to fulfill, and with $1.00 and $2.00 price points, our chocolate products are an amazing value and practically sell themselves. We believe your team should get the maximum profit for your efforts, so you will earn up to 50% profit on everything you sell.

Fund Raising Consultants:
Jana Nettleton (801) 580-2916
eMail: jananwfc@gmail.com

Steve Conger (801) 560-4212
eMail: scongerifs@gmail.com

Salt Lake Bees Tickets: View Flyer
Youth & High School Baseball Fundraising Program
The Salt Lake Bees Fundraising Program Is Designed to Benefit Youth And High School Baseball in the State of Utah. Raise Money for Your Team and Work Towards Achievable Rewards. For more information on the program and how your team can get started, please contact us.
Contact: Robby Monson (801) 350-6968
eMail: robby.monson@slbees.com

Custom Designed Team Quilts

Info: You can design a quilt for your team which can be sold to friends and family or auctioned at team events and dinners. These are quilts with printed high quality cotton quilt tops and soft Cuddle Minky backing. Design and finished in two weeks. Made in the USA.
Contact: David Ostler (800) 940-3522
Website: [Click Here]
eMail: orders@stitchedcustomquilts.com

TriQuest Mobile Coupon App Fundraiser

Info: Give something to your supporters that they can use every day to save money.
You sell cards for $20 each. The cards provide access to the App and Website where people will get deals and discounts when they shop.
Contact: Josh Brown
Website: [Click Here]
eMail: josh.brown@gotriquest.com

Right Response Fundraising

Great Fundraiser for Fall Ball gear & fees!
– 50% profit!!
– No minimums
– Free shipping
– No upfront costs
– Everyone needs it
First aid kits, ranging from $12 to $120, for personal, family, business and emergency preparedness!
Sell something that helps your community be prepared! Call, text or email
Contact: Eric Hallen (801) 390-0415
View Flyer: [Click Here]
Website: www.rightresponse.com
eMail: eric.hallen@myrightresponse.com

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

Depending on your Team’s goals, we want to help you meet yours! Let our demonstrated success be part of your fundraising efforts. Whether you need $50, $500 or $5,000, let us show you how you could achieve that with Cards for a Cause. Coaches no need to stress I do the majority of the work! I bring you the packets all ready to hand out to your players, I order the products, and I deliver the product all ready divided for each player to avoid confusion. Some of our major selling points are:
* They are unique!
* 30 cards for $30-Only a $1 each!
* Every card come embellished with a decorative envelope!
* The box has cards for every occasion: Thank You, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Boy or Girl, and Blank Cards!
Contact: Shianne Healey (801) 360-1386
View Flyer: [Click Here]
eMail: healey.shianne@gmail.com


We have FOUR different fundraisers to choose from, cookie dough, popcorn, gourmet treats, and home-style fudge! Coaches and parents, no need to stress, I do all the work! I hand out the fundraiser packets, pick up order forms, and when products are delivered I am there to separate all orders to eliminate any confusion! Parents only need to pay for the product when order forms are turned in, and they keep the profit. For more information please visit my website at www.sweetwaystofundraise.com