• Dates: June 9, 10, 2023 (Friday, Saturday)
  • Location: Idaho Falls, Rexburg (Idaho)
  • Age Divisions: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u
  • Team Fee: $395 *League Teams
  • Team Fee: $575 *Non-League Teams
  • *Availability for Non-League Teams is Limited
  • Player Waiver of Liability: [Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com]
  • Registration Deadline: Sunday, May 21, 2023
  1. Ball Hawks (UT)
  2. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  3. Idaho Alpha (ID)
  4. Idaho Rebels (ID)
  5. IF Clutch (ID)-
  6. Ignite (ID)
  7. Rattlers (ID)
  8. Sin City Bison (WY)
  9. Utah Sting (UT)
  1. Cache Wolverines Black (UT)-
  2. Cache Wolverines Blue (UT)-
  3. Club Hardball Black (UT)
  4. DC Demons Red (UT)
  5. GameTime Gold (ID)
  6. Idaho Falls Bandits (ID)
  7. Idaho Prime (ID)
  8. Idaho Rebels (ID)
  9. Kimberly YardDogs (ID)
  10. Madison Cats (ID)
  11. Minico Smashers (ID)
  12. Sweets Baseball (ID)
  13. Tiburones (UT)-
  14. Utah Buzz (UT)
  15. Utah Magic (UT)
  1. Bear River Bears (UT)
  2. Cache Valley Titans (UT)
  3. Cache Wolverines (UT)-
  4. Davis Aces (UT)
  5. Dominicana Black (UT)
  6. Grantsville Cowboys (UT)
  7. Idaho Alpha (ID)
  8. Idaho Royal Cutthroats (ID)
  9. IF Bandits (ID)
  10. Madison Cats (ID)
  11. MBA Highlanders (UT)
  12. Minico Storm (ID)
  13. Preds (UT)
  14. Storm Red (UT)
  15. Utah Prospects (UT)
  16. Wasatch Warriors
  1. Ball Hawks (UT)
  2. Bomb Squad (UT)
  3. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  4. Freeze Gray (UT)
  5. Idaho Falls Blaze (ID)
  6. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  7. Idaho Alpha (ID)
  8. Idaho Prime (ID)
  9. Minico Braves (ID)
  10. Panthers (UT)
  11. RA Academy White (UT)-
  12. Tiburones (UT)-
  13. Utah Aces (UT)
  14. Utah County South (UT)
  1. Bear River Bears (UT)
  2. Blackfoot Broncos (ID)
  3. Blackfoot Broncos Green (ID)
  4. Chubbuck Crush (ID)
  5. CV Wolverines (UT)
  6. Idaho Cutthroats (ID)
  7. Idaho Falls Hawks (ID)
  8. Idaho Prime (ID)
  9. Idaho Renegades (ID)
  10. Madcats (ID)
  11. Mavericks Baseball (UT)
  12. Minico Braves (ID)
  13. Riverdawgs (UT)
  14. Sandlotters (UT)
  15. Tiburones (UT)
  16. USA Wolverines (UT)
  1. 208 Boise Scrappers (ID)
  2. Boise Baseball Academy (ID)
  3. Cache Wolverines Black (UT)-
  4. Cache Wolverines Blue (UT)
  5. CH Legends (UT)
  6. Diamondbacks (ID)
  7. GameTime (ID)
  8. Honey Badgers (UT)
  9. Idaho Blast (ID)
  10. Idaho Falls Bandits (ID)
  11. Idaho Prime (ID)
  12. Madison Cats (ID)
  13. Rigby Stealth (ID)
  14. RiverDawgs (ID)
  15. Utah Scorpions (UT)
  1. 4B Flamingos (ID)
  2. Bandits (ID)
  3. Bandits Cortez (ID)
  4. Blackfoot Broncos (ID)
  5. CV Blue Sox (UT)
  6. Gametime Purple (ID)
  7. Idaho Falls Blaze (ID)
  8. Sawtooth Catch (ID)
  9. Show Black Magic (ID)
  10. Show Orange Crew (ID)
  11. IF Blackhawks (ID)
  12. Madcats (ID)
  13. Park City Miners (UT)
  14. Raptors (UT)
  15. Upper Valley Sox (ID)
  16. Utah Freedom Baseball (UT)
  17. Weber Masons (UT)

Sleep Inn

Address: 3200 Outlet Blvd., Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
Phone: (208) 821-3647
Rate: $188
Group Number: KM94M6
Assistant General Manager: Justin Sharp
Online: Custom Link for RMSB

Book Online
  • Tournament Format
  • Pool Play – 4 Games
  • Two Games Day 1 and Two Games Day 2
  • Teams must be prepared to play as early as 8:00 am on Day 1
  • Championship & Consolation (some age divisions) Game will be held in the evening on Day 2
  • Note: Fewest runs allowed by common opponent OR fewest runs allowed (all opponents) may be the determining factor for the teams that qualify for the Championship or Consolation Games. It is likely that more than one team per Pool will have a 4-0 record.
  • Note: Your Team’s two Games on Day 2 will be part of your Super League schedule.
  • Individual Awards for 1st Place and 2nd Place (Championship Game)
  • Qualifier for Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions July 15, 16, 17, 2021 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • The Idaho Falls Tournament was originally intended to keep the Idaho teams happy so they would not have to travel to Utah every Saturday for league play. It was a way to get them some home games. What started out as a 20 team tournament has become a tournament popular throughout the Northwest and fills to capacity every year.
  • SmartScore Schedules will be posted 1 week prior to the start of the Tournament. Championship Games will be posted on Saturday’s SmartScore schedules as well.
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team
  • The Tournament schedules will also be available on GameChanger via the Tournament Platform one day prior to the start of the tournament

2021 Championship Winners

8u Age Division – 
9u Age Division –
10u Age Division –
11u Age Division –
12u Age Division –
13u Age Division –
14u Age Division –

2022 Champions

13u Age Division

PROLOOK Sportsmanship Award
Coach: Jerrad Thompson
Players: Caden Armstrong, Cole Croft, Conner Curtis, Crew Scott, Easton Carling, Graham Webb, Jagger Wren, Preston Rose, Ryder Portman, Treygan Riedle, Will Thompson

8u Age Division

9u Age Division

10u Age Division

11u Age Division

12u Age Division

13u Age Division

14u Age Division