Home 9u Age Division Club Hardball Bulldogs
  • Looking for 1-2 Talented and Committed Players of High Character to Join Us Starting This Winter. We Want to Come Out Swinging Hard Spring 2024!
  • We Offer:
  • Highly Competitive Gold-Division Team Comprised of Well-Rounded Ballers, Who Actively Follow Club Hardball’s Mission of “Providing a Foundational Experience for Baseball and Life”
    • 3 Collegiate Level Coaches
    • Private Outdoor Training Facility, “The Dog Pound” – Includes Field and Batting Cage
    • New Private Indoor Training Facility, “The Boneyard” – One of Only Two Facilities in the State
    • That Can House a Full Infield. 10000 sqft. Conveniently Located Off I-15 Exit 303.
    • Winter Speed and Agility Training With Private Trainer