DSG top of utah

  • Super League Championships – Super League Teams Only! Must have .500 record or better through Week 5 or later to be eligible. Teams with a #3 Ranking, will not be eligible.
  • Player Eligibility: Players are only eligible to participate if they have played Super League games with that team.
  • Dates: June 23, 24, 2023 (Friday, Saturday)
  • Location: Logan, Providence (Utah)
  • Age Divisions: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u 10 Teams each
  • Qualifier for Tournament of Champions July 13, 14, 15, 2023 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Team Fee: $495
  • Player Waiver of Liability: [Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com]
  • Registration Deadline: Sunday, June 11, 2023
  1. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  2. Club Hardball (UT)
  3. GC Wolf Pack (UT)
  4. Idaho Falls Aces (ID)-
  5. Utah Tribe (UT)
  1. Bulldogs (UT)
  2. Club Hardball Red (UT)
  3. CV Wolverines Black (UT)-
  4. DC Demons Gray (UT)
  5. DC Demons Red (UT)
  6. Freeze (UT)
  7. Idaho Prime (ID)
  8. Salt Lake Colts (UT)
  9. Wasatch Black (UT)-
  1. Lincoln Hawks (UT)
  2. Pirates (UT)
  3. Storm Red (UT)
  1. Bolts (UT)
  2. Cache Wolverines (UT)
  3. Olympus Titans (UT)
  4. RA Academy White (UT)-
  5. RA Rogue (UT)
  1. Blackfoot Broncos (ID)
  2. CV Blue Sox (UT)
  3. CV Wolverines (UT)
  4. MBA Cubs (UT)
  5. Riverdawgs (UT)
  6. SL Stingers (UT)
  1. Bear River Bears (UT)
  2. CV Wolverines Black (UT)-
  3. CV Wolverines Blue (UT)
  4. Idaho Prime (ID)
  1. Cache Wolverines (UT)-
  2. Raptors (UT)
  3. Wildfire (UT)

Tournament Format

  • Super League Teams Only!
  • 10 Teams each Age Division
  • Pool Play – 4 Games
  • Two Games Day 1 and Two Games Day 2
  • Teams must be prepared to play as early as 8:00 am on Day 1
  • Championship Games will be held in the evening on Day 2
  • Note: Fewest runs allowed by common opponent OR fewest runs allowed (all opponents) may be the determining factor for the teams that qualify for the Championship or Consolation Games. It is likely that more than one team per Pool will have a 4-0 record.
  • Individual Awards for 1st Place and 2nd Place (Championship Game)
  • Qualifier for Tournament of Champions July 13, 14, 15, 2023 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • The Inaugural year for the Top of Utah was in 2020 and originated due to COVID-19 re-scheduling. We had so many teams request a Summer Tournament in Cache Valley that we found a way to make the Top of Utah an Annual event! We have replaced the Super League Great 8 Championships with the Super League Top of Utah Championships. This Tournament will be smaller than most with only 10 Super League teams per Age Division allowed. We hope it will give Super League teams a way to end their Super League season with a League Tournament on some great fields.
  • SmartScore Championship Games are be posted on Saturday’s SmartScore schedules as well.
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team
  • The Tournament schedules will also be available on GameChanger via the Tournament Platform one day prior to the start of the tournament

2021 Championship Winners

8u Age Division – 
9u Age Division –
10u Age Division –
11u Age Division –
12u Age Division –
13u Age Division –
14u Age Division –

2020 Champions

8u DC Jets

Coaches: Bo Nemelka, Wick Udy, Chris Takemori, James Hanley
Players: Brody Fraughton, Ryker White, Calvin Orme, Matty Hawkes, Kache Hanley, Oliver Nemelka, Kannon Udy, Landon Takemori, Bowen Bradley, Easton Koford

9u Box Elder RiverDawgs

Coaches: Colin Ward, Kory Stewart, Tom Holland, Kevin Golmon
Players: Kessler Ward, Jack Stewart, Jarom Ficklin, Camden Christensen, Daxtin Dallin, Nate Holland, David Stewart, Bowen Davis, Braxton Collom, Tyke Thompson, Easton Golmon

10u Honey Badgers

Coach: Blake Redd
Players: Trevin Redd, Briggs Taylor, Easton Eilertson, Easton Cash, Kaleb Hincks, Karver Kap, Bodee Hawkins, Grady Swalberg, Alex Schwindt, Liam Jeppson, Carson Murphy

11u Idaho Falls Hawks

Coaches: Brett Waters, Jordan Sermon
Players: Dillon Herzog, Joseph Waters, Kyler Loftus, Tayvian Lott, Coach Jordan Nahay, Truman Sermon, Hayden Nahay, Cooper Jones, Lincoln Stuart, Tyler Ransom

12u Northmen

Coach: Clayne Garrett
Brady Penland, Luke Penland, Kanyon Pratt, Easton Pratt, Will Iverson, Carter Bush, Kasen Pearson, Jesse Jones, Luke Hadley, Grady Garrett)

13u 208 Rumblers

Coaches: Joe Hazel, Jodie Hoagland, Ryan Colson, Mitch Koslosky
Players: Eduardo Sauceda, Michael Stebel, Gavin Koslosky, Tyler Petersen, Chance Schreiber, Roman Walker, Tucker Dilks, Hunter Mahaffey, Kade Bernstrom, Luke Colson, Tyler Russell

14u Madcats

Coaches: Josh Garner, Brandon Martin
Players: Cade Thueson, Teigan Harris, Carson Harris, Kauner Eysser, Grayson Martin, Tommy Woodcock, James Lindstrom, Trayson Kostial, Payton Klingler, Ethan Garner, James Chase