TalentPool – Stetson Johnson

My son currently plays on a 10u travel team out of Colorado (Rebels Elite). If anyone has a need for a fill-in player we would love to have him play against some 9u competition.

TalentPool – Jimmy Kesler

Can pitch as well

TalentPool – Cade Colyar

Cade is a great athlete (football, basketball, etc) and with the reps will be outstanding at baseball too…with other siblings in competitive sports I just haven’t been able to get him going full-speed into baseball. He’s played 3 of AF Baseball and we’re looking to break into super-league. With some practice he’ll be a very […]

TalentPool – Corbin Ellis

June Birthday, so could play 9U or 10U. Athletic, play any position.

TalentPool – Boston Forsberg

Boston is a quiet kid who enjoys playing baseball. He has been doing a winter camp with another team and has made big improvements in his hitting. We are hoping he can find a team where he can be part of a team and continue to learn how to improve and have chances to play. […]

TalentPool – Crew Shelton

TalentPool – Jett Robinson

Jett is left handed, has a good arm could develop into a really good pitcher. Just looking for a team to give him a look.

TalentPool – Beck Packard

TalentPool – Nixon Banks