TalentPool – Kason MacLeod

TalentPool – Kyle

Experience with every position except catcher. Played 2020 super league 9u as an 8 year old.

TalentPool – Hayes Andelin

TalentPool – Colby Baird

TalentPool – Oliver Blackham

TalentPool – Cole Maylett

Cole is a lefty. He hits right handed but throws left. We are looking for a team he can play on this fall and possibly this spring. He has a love for baseball and is so coach able and willing to work hard!!

TalentPool – Coleman Spencer

we were told we needed 8u and found out after he had committed to a team that he os over that age group by one week. Hoping to still find a team.

TalentPool – Daxton Swenson

Dax has pitched, plays 3rd base and center field. He’d love a chance to play Fall Ball!

TalentPool – Lincoln Powell

Lincoln has the ability to play at any position.

TalentPool – Matthew Hillaker

He has played 1st base, 3rd base, right field and some pitching he is interested in catching this year as well.