TalentPool – Bentley Smith

TalentPool – Izaak Hawkins

TalentPool – Anakin Owens

He is a middle infielder and can pitch. He currently plays for his high school team and is looking for mire opportunities to play. He can be a fill in or whatever you need. He will be in Saint George watching his younger brother in the fall extravaganza if you need someone. Thanks!

TalentPool – Eric Mason

TalentPool – Ryder Mortensen

I am a great utility player, with a love for baseball. I am quick learner and good team player.

TalentPool – Carte Tree

Lots of experience. Lefty batter/throws right. Looking to play some ball even if it is just for a tournament.

TalentPool – Isaac Banner

TalentPool – Joseph Henault

No has played baseball from the time he was 3 years old, he had played in all positions except catcher.

TalentPool – Van Allred

My son Van is looking for a team to play with during the Fall season. He has played 3 years of baseball, and loves it.

TalentPool – Isaac Gonzalez