TalentPool – Jett Hokanson

TalentPool – Jackson Rhoades

TalentPool – Wyatt Noble

Left handed player. Could also develop into pitcher with coaching.

TalentPool – Kayden Quan

Main position 2nd with secondary at 3rd. Can pitch as well.

TalentPool – Zach Todd

TalentPool – Tyson Osterkamp

Can play 1st or 2nd and center field

TalentPool – Austin Aven

TalentPool – Cooper Gallagher

Utility Player with 10 years playing ball. Starting catcher for 5 years (8u to 13U), Relief Pitches and can play any position. Through Summer and Fall 2022 primarily played 1st & 3rd or Center Field. Cuttently enjoys Center Field due to great arm, catching skills and speed. Solid lead off hitter with no hesitation on […]

TalentPool – Jaxon Nicol

Jaxon has mainly played pitcher and catcher and loves anywhere infield. Jaxon loves the game. He’s a very aggressive player and plays well. He’s is a fast runner and very focused on and off the field.

TalentPool – Kekoa Wakley