TalentPool – Jasper Sunde

TalentPool – Bridger Facer

Bridger has played baseball since he was 5. Played on the high school summer team last year when he was in. 8th grade. He is a lefty and will do whatever is asked of him, great attitude and respect. He is going into 10th grade in the fall. Will he 16 in August.

TalentPool – Isaiah Ibarra

Isaiah is an outfielder that is currently a freshman at Judge Memorial High School. He made the varsity team this year as a starter. He has done some pitching for the team too. We are looking for a competitive team that will help Isaiah develop.

TalentPool – Tristan Allen

Left handed, City ball 6 years, looking for a team.

TalentPool – Ryker S

TalentPool – Boston Swain

Positions – Pitcher, 3rd and 1st base

TalentPool – Payton Nield

Payton is a Utility Player. He is a good Pitcher and Catcher and can play every position besides 1st base.

TalentPool – Cade Jensen

TalentPool – Ashton Haslam

TalentPool – Cooper G

All round player. Spent most of his career catching but also plays pivots and relief pitches.