TalentPool – Jacob Smith

Jacob has comp experience, and is a solid catcher. He has many years at short stop but transitioned to outfield this past year. He is currently playing football but looking for a team to play the remaining fall season, spring and beyond.

TalentPool – Carson Fackrell

Can pitch too

TalentPool – Jacob Mayo

Jacob is a great pitcher and hitter. When not pitching he usually plays corner infield. He has also been catching.

TalentPool – Jaydon Putnam

Jaydon has experience in both infield and outfield as well as some pitching. Is willing to jump around positions to fit the team need. Has played travel ball before. Willing to try out.

TalentPool – Caden Griffin

Caden is a lefty so he can also play 1st base

TalentPool – Bridger Provstgaard

Not looking for a team, only looking to be a pickup player as a catcher, pitcher or shortstop.

TalentPool – Nixon Brimley

Utility player with a great bat

TalentPool – Jesse Cheney