TalentPool – Ryder Loveless

Third Position: Catcher Height: 6’2 Weight: 155 lbs Pitch Speed: 72 mph DOB: June 2009 We are willing to travel from NV to play.

TalentPool – Ryder Allred

Has played club ball since he was 8. Mostly 3rd and 2nd. Catches as well, always the backup catcher but does a decent job. Needs more power hitting, but a great contact hitter that rarely strikes out. Just looking to play some extra games on Saturdays. I’ve coached both my boys and we spend extra […]

TalentPool – Gavin Stone

Gavin has played city league for years, but needs to have a more aggressive form of training to excel in his natural ability.

TalentPool – Ty Wester

TalentPool – Ryan Scott

Ryan has played rec leagues for 5+ years and been in private instruction for 2 years. Working to get more advanced experience so his goal of being on the high school teams can be achieved. He shows up, works hard on the field and off. He would be an asset to any team.

TalentPool – Daxton McPherron

Daxton was our best player on our super league last year and were happy to help donate to the team for expenses.

TalentPool – Jaydon Putnam

Experience in playing in field and outfield. Could possibly pitch with the right coaching.

TalentPool – Kyler Quast

TalentPool – Wyatt Jones

TalentPool – Jarytt Farmer