TalentPool – Isaiah Romero

TalentPool – Johnny Larsen

Johnny has played ball going back to t-ball. He is a talented player who has pitched for the last 3 seasons. He is working on his location. He has great passion for the game, and would be a great addition to a team.

TalentPool – Elijah Koyle

TalentPool – Isaac Gibb

TalentPool – Brykon Spicer

TalentPool – Austin Hastert

Also available as a starting or relief pitcher.

TalentPool – Hugh Sorensen

He is a great utility player. Loves first base, pitches and can catch a fly ball. He has caught in the past but he’s outgrown that at 5’ 7” but does have gear. Hits well.

TalentPool – Wyatt Smith

My son is looking to join a team in the Davis County location. He has been playing every year with the city of Syracuse and few of the Allstar teams at the in of the city league season. Looking to join a team

TalentPool – Bryce Averett

Has twin brother wanting to play as well. Has experience playing catcher.

TalentPool – Grant Averett

Has twin brother wanting to play as well