TalentPool – Eli Bonny

No accelerated league experience but a talented, competetive, and fun kid. Good contact hitter. Has pitched relief for several years city league. Really wants to get on a team for next year or ASAP. Parents available for support or even to help with practices/coaching if needed.

TalentPool – Talen

TalentPool – Luke Hatcher

Strong player all around. Has played all positions on various level teams. Travel and Rec. Plays outfield, 3rd, 1st and strong hitter. Very coachable!

TalentPool – Liam George Pickup

Liam has played three years with SS and gone to the state tournament each year. His commitment to baseball is daily with training at D-Bat weekly as well as private lessons. He’s one of not the strongest hitter on the team averaging a double base hit every game often hitting the ball right to the […]

TalentPool – Errson Pingel

Errson has 3 years experience playing comp ball. He’s a solid player with a genuine love for the game of baseball.

TalentPool – Liam Shoop

TalentPool – Parker Bain

Parker is a boy that have a lot of heart ! He puts his whole energy into each game. He a good pitcher and 1st baseman . He quick on his feet and throws very fast and far and is a very quick runner . He is also a gymnast and all around athlete .

TalentPool – Ashton Bowman

TalentPool – Michael Valles

TalentPool – Bostyn Stringer

Bostyn is also a great outfielder and has been in pitching camp this summer.