TalentPool – Carson Menlove

TalentPool – Ethan Smith

Ethan is a dedicated, hard working kid that is wanting to find a team that he can continue to develop with. He wants to play! Hoping to find a team that is serious about practice and plays as many games as possible (League and tournaments).

TalentPool – Bradshaw Cox

He can also play outfield too. He loves the game and will play wherever you need him. Does not have any pitching experience.

TalentPool – Jordan Vigil

Jordan also Pitches.

TalentPool – Carter Grossaint

Carter has been on a competitive baseball team for the last three years. Unfortunately they’re breaking apart. We would love to find a team for him to continue to be competitive with. He is a left handed pitcher. He has been pitching since he was 6 so he has a lot of experience. Being left […]

TalentPool – Adrian Ferrer

Adrian has played organized ball since 7 years of age, He prefers to play infield but is willing to play anywhere. He is taking lessons from Jory Jensen.

TalentPool – Austin Green

Looking for a team in Weber county or Northern Davis county. Austin loves baseball and just needs a chance to improve with a unified team.

TalentPool – Aiden Mitchell

TalentPool – Carson Baima

He has played comp ball and rec.

TalentPool – Austin Barratt

Currently plays for the 13U Elite. Has played short stop for 4 years and is the starting short stop right now. He also can play second base or outfield. Has played comp baseball for 4 years