TalentPool – Tyler Garren

Looking for a team that Tyler can grow and compete with. Tyler is a very coachable player that has a few years of experience as catcher and many other positions. Film is available by request.

TalentPool – Ryder Allred

Ryder is right by the deadline and could play either 11u or 12u. He has played up as that is his grade in school. He has good hands and more importantly understanding of the game. Knows where to be and is involved all game. He usually plays 3rd or 2nd, and catches every other game. […]

TalentPool – Adrian Ferrer

Adrian has played organized ball since 7 years of age. He prefers any infield position but will play anywhere. He is taking lessons from Jory Jensen.

TalentPool – Cameron Carvalho

TalentPool – Cohen Vohs