TalentPool – Daxton Comstock

TalentPool – Vince Hights Jr

Hard working.. Coaches Dream of a player..

TalentPool – Kai Fiso

Currently committed to and playing Fall Ball (Monday Nights) with the Young Guns. Interested in any teams looking for additional players to travel to Cooperstown next Summer or for teams playing in the RMSB Saturday Fall League.

TalentPool – Jaxson Street

He just turned 12 on Aug 11th. Thanks!

TalentPool – Zack Doyle

He is a lefty.

TalentPool – Tyler Newman

Pitches on a top 10 team. His team is not playing in the fall so we are looking for a team to play with just for the fall.

TalentPool – Carter Nevers

TalentPool – Slade Zelaya

He will play any place you put him. He’s a solid player

TalentPool – Dawson Mair

Dawson has a love for this game unlike anything I’ve ever seen. His season just ended with Southeast Valley and he just wants more. He’s a good infielder and shows promise with pitching. My husband would love to help with practices and games if needed.

TalentPool – Rowan McDonald

Rowan typically plays 2nd base. He has also pitched and played catcher… He struck four batters out in two innings last night and didn’t let up any runs. Last year he played on a AAA Silver Team with Wasatch Baseball and subbed in the fall for a AAA Gold team (Bingham Bulls). We have recently […]