TalentPool – Nicholas Kelson

Also plays third base

TalentPool – Mason Findlay

Mason is a great utility player. He can play any position. He prefers shortstop, third base and pitcher but will play anywhere that is needed

TalentPool – Liam Shreeve

Liam is a very athletic and teachable kid that loves baseball. He’s a great catcher, team player and makes plays. He’s played 5 years of Rec ball and been begging us to find a silver team to get into comp baseball. He’s working with a private hitting coach. We live in West Lehi so looking […]

TalentPool – Jack Schmidt

Jack has a great at bat. He has played on a competitive league a few years back. He has played city league for many years. He loves the game and works hard. Looking for a team to give him a chance to progress.

TalentPool – Calvin Clayton

TalentPool – Ryder McCain

Ryder is a very strong player with a great arm. He plays very well at 3rd, short, catcher, and 1st. He can pitch and play 2nd as well. He is a very focused player and is always looking to learn more. He can make long throws and is very quick on his feet. He is […]