TalentPool – Paxton Ellwood

TalentPool – Eli Bonny

Eli can play any position but not much experience at catcher. Has not played accelerated previously but is a competitive, talented player, good contact hitter, really looking to get on a South county team this year. Spends all his free time in the summer practicing baseball so he may as well be on an accelerated […]

TalentPool – Jacob

TalentPool – Joseph Castillo

TalentPool – Ryker Moffitt

TalentPool – Ever Brass

He has played multiple rec seasons but no comp due to commitment to other sports. Wants to focus on baseball and join comp team. Mostly played 3rd, 1st, SS, and pitched a little. Played in outfield occasionally. Sees a hitting and fielding coach. He loves baseball and plays as often as possible.

TalentPool – Tegan Dalley

TalentPool – Trey Laird

5’8” tall. Great glove for the infield. Looks 14-15 years old. Loves to hit the ball and steal bases. Understands the game better than most.

TalentPool – Nathan Gerritsen

Bats left throws right. Has some pitching experience. Throws strikes.

TalentPool – Anthony Nelson

Minimal pitching experience, fast, good bat.