TalentPool – Bosston Hamson

Bosston is an amazingly great at short stop and center field. He is a great pitcher. slower pitcher, throws strikes and has a nasty curveball. hes is also a very good catcher. Very very quick on his feet. gotta keep your eye on him because he loves to steal home and is good at it. […]

TalentPool – Tyson Jensen

TalentPool – Isaac Blair

We just moved here from Northern Virginia. Isaac played little league and was pitcher of the year and on his all-star team. He’d love to play a little baseball here

TalentPool – Langley Bailey

TalentPool – Adrian Ortiz

Aj has played first base , right field and is doing some pitching . Still needs work with pitching . Thank you !

TalentPool – Brady Bennett

Can also play 3rd and outfield

TalentPool – Wyatt Sackett

TalentPool – Emerson Slade

TalentPool – Jaxon kosta

Can be placed and succeed in most positions except catcher.

TalentPool – Elijah Colbert