TalentPool – Liam Bills

TalentPool – Cooper Morgan

Cooper is an outstanding kid that gives his all and will get better every practice. Recently played in the UPG fall league and the cache valley tournament. The team he was on is not going to continue so he is looking to stay with a comp team. He is starting pitcher training this winter.

TalentPool – Liam Shoop

All star team player. High OBP and hitting percentage. Works hard, takes it serious, and practices outside of the team as well. Good teammate, and loves playing baseball.

TalentPool – Koen Wright

Koen has been playing baseball since he was 5. He played with the Tiberonus Comp team when he was 8. Took a little break to play soccer and now he’s ready to commit to baseball.

TalentPool – William Tennyson

TalentPool – Whitt Cardon

TalentPool – Trevor Barr

TalentPool – Tanner Barr

TalentPool – Levi Ward

TalentPool – Porter Apgood

Porter has been practicing all summer and attended the U of U baseball camp. He has a strong arm and hits the ball well. Last spring he hit 4 triples, 6 doubles and many single base hits. He is a hard worker and wants to play! The spring league is not enough for the kids […]