TalentPool – Parker Collins


TalentPool – Maxx Schipaanboord

TalentPool – Bryce Poole

TalentPool – Parker Powers

Turns 11 in August 2024. Played rec and city, then did winter warm ups with Swarm. Currently on all-stars till beginning of July, available to meet once wrapped up. Looking to join a team for my son to learn and grow with in the coming years.

TalentPool – Nolan Ballard

TalentPool – Raef Chapman

TalentPool – Bridger Krommenhoek

1st Base

TalentPool – Parker Bennion

My son shifts from pitcher to 2nd base most games. He is currently playing All-Stars, but we are looking for a team for fall/ spring. He can play the outfield as well. He is a strong hitter and has a lot of speed.

TalentPool – Acher DeVico

Very skilled and looking to join a competitive team as an infielder or outfielder. Happy to tryout and show skills.

TalentPool – Rawley Sipes

Loves to play ball.