TalentPool – Braxton Vreeland

TalentPool – Patton Rose

TalentPool – Jayden Young

Jayden has played 2 years now in the mustang league. He lead the team primarily for the catcher’s position and shortstop. Jayden has some pitching experience and has a great arm. Thanks!

TalentPool – Devin Miller

Most of Devin’s infield experience is playing 3rd, and 2nd. He can also play in the outfield.

TalentPool – Easton Sheen

Very coachable player, mult-position, LOVES the game!

TalentPool – Jesse Powell

Jesse has played baseball since T-ball, he was always the best player on his city league and we were told he should play on a comp team. I practice with my son everyday at the baseball field by our house, we have a pitching machine and we set the speed at 55-65 MPH and he […]

TalentPool – Deagan Witt

TalentPool – Marshall Ostler

TalentPool – Peter Timpe

Birthday Feb 7, 2009 Peter is ready to make the move to a travel team. He is a very dedicated hard working kid. He loves the game of baseball and would make a great addition to your team. He is currently playing in the Majors Division in the WJ Copper Hills League.

TalentPool – Daxton Comstock