TalentPool – Mak Woolsey

TalentPool – Cohen Jones

3 year Gold Level player.

TalentPool – Zander Sobieski

Zander loves baseball and is motivated to be part of a team that will push him to be better. Currently Plays outfield and catcher but has played 2nd and 3rd base a couple years as well.

TalentPool – Luke Hatcher

TalentPool – Sawyer Carroll

TalentPool – Ian Richards

Our son turns 12 on 5/2/23 and is in 6th grade. I believe he falls into 11U

TalentPool – Kolter Cooper

Kolt is looking to get picked up, he has only played city leagues and is eager to play in a more competitive atmosphere with coaches that share the same commitment as him. Thanks!

TalentPool – Easton King

Easton is also an accomplished center-fielder. We recently moved to Cache Valley from Atlanta, Georgia. Easton is available to play anywhere. We are very used to the travel (comp) life.

TalentPool – Ryder Dixon

Ryder has been training with a 10U team unfortunately he needed to be on the 11U team. Ryder is teachable, reliable, fast, tall, motivated, listens well. He is highly recommended by his last coach. For reference Josh Hegevik (Coach Dirty Dozen) 801-889-8901.

TalentPool – Ezra Trujillo

Moved from California. Played Pony Baseball for Chino Hills.