TalentPool – Matthew Lopez

Would prefer City of Layton for primary team. Matthew plays all positions

TalentPool – Jack Fuller

Jack is a solid, all-around athlete with passion and a solid skill-set.

TalentPool – Mathew Seal

Pitches also

TalentPool – Finnley Taylor

TalentPool – Damien Suval

Pitcher/3rd base

TalentPool – Trevyn Brink

Trevyn has always had a love for the game and works hard everyday to better himself!

TalentPool – Adam Lopez

TalentPool – Tyson Whitehead

TalentPool – Ben Rasband

TalentPool – Kael Rikli

Kael loves the game of baseball. He is hard working and very competitive. He would be a great fit to a team who would give him the opportunity to play.