TalentPool – Ben Horrocks

TalentPool – Benjamin Lundberg

Also has experience at Catcher and outfield

TalentPool – Makai Omae

He really wants to get on a comp team.

TalentPool – Jameson Almond

Has played in RMSB for 3 seasons now. His current team dispersed. Majority played center field. And is great at catching all balls. Also played infield at 2nd base and short stop.

TalentPool – Carson Fackrell

He plays on a 11U team now but can play 10U per age cut off. Big kid for his age 5’5” and 125lbs. Has hit many home runs in games. Is willing to sub in tournaments when short on players.

TalentPool – Shea L

Established all around Baseball player, Infielder with a great glove and strong pitching arm, looking for team who can help expound on his skills and get him to the next level. Looking for long term team who has been around a while and needs a player to send them over the top.

TalentPool – Dawson Davis

Dawson also can play 3rd base. His birthday is May 23rd so he can play 10u or 11u since he is in the 5th grade. Very tall for his age at 5′ 1″ already.

TalentPool – Hegan Williams

I’m very interested in improving my baseball skills!

TalentPool – Maddux Farr

California is not currently allowing youth sports, we would be willing to travel for teams needing a player for a tournament.

TalentPool – Elias Cole