TalentPool – Ryder Herrera

TalentPool – Rocky Gonzalez

SS and 2B are primary positions. Happy anywhere and well rounded in both infield and outfield.

TalentPool – Hayes Hamilton

TalentPool – Daxton Griffiths

TalentPool – Parker Powers

Played 2nd base this spring.

TalentPool – Krew Hammond

We are looking for a Fall team only. We are committed to a spring team. 2 years comp experience. Utah County preferred.

TalentPool – Cael Christensen

I have one year of rec and the last two years LPHS.

TalentPool – Grady Cummings

Has played in the Herriman little league (fall and spring seasons) for 3 years.

TalentPool – Charlie Bice

Looking for a fall team that could carry over into the spring. Will be 10 in November.

TalentPool – Graham Talbot

Graham has played a couple of years in local city leagues and really enjoys the game. He is interested in getting more involved in the sport and having the opportunity to stick with a group of boys he can grow his talent and sportsmanship with.