Home 12u Age Division TalentPool – Ryder Allred

Ryder is right by the deadline and could play either 11u or 12u. He has played up as that is his grade in school. He has good hands and more importantly understanding of the game. Knows where to be and is involved all game. He usually plays 3rd or 2nd, and catches every other game. He knows short and has pitched and can play outfield. He is one of those kids you can put anywhere. His pitching isn’t high velocity, but he throws strikes. He has a consistent bat. Still a work in progress. He sprays the ball all over and has a good approach to hitting. Over the past couple of years he’s consistent the lowest or top two in strikeouts for his team. He loves baseball and that is the only sport he has interest in, but even in the offseason we go take swings, work on ground balls and footwork. We have a team that he plays with that only plays spring and would love to find something for him year round. He is usually available to fill in when teams are short on players.