Home 13u Age Division TalentPool – Mason Schut

Mason has been playing baseball now for 3 years. He hasn’t been playing as much as most kids, but he is very passionate and willing to listen and work hard. He has a lot of natural talent with baseball skills and I know he would be able to develop those even more with dedicated coaches and a team. This is his 3rd year at Riverton Baseball and each year he has been on a different team, since it is based on coach pick and every year his team has won the Riverton Baseball tournament. In fact, his team will be playing at the Wasatch Baseball tournament next weekend. I believe it isn’t coincidence that each of these 3 years Mason has been on the 1st place team, he obviously has contributed to that since it has been different player’s and different coaches each year on each team. Mason may not have the most experience, but he is willing to do the work, listens to improve and as parents we are incredibly supportive of him and are looking for the right baseball family to be a part of going forward. Thanks!