Home 10u Age Division TalentPool – Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln LOVES baseball in any form. Last year he primarily played second and short, but he'd be happy in any position, and he'd love a chance to play first base or catch if the opportunity is there. Lincoln hasn't quit playing baseball outside in *ANY* form he can get it (wiffle ball, friends, pitch back, our personal pitching machine, D-bat, practice with dad) since the end of last season, even throughout the coldest days of winter, he's been outside finding a way to play baseball. It is no embellishment to say that there is not a day that goes by thay he doesn't immersed himself in baseball. When he's not outside playing the game, he's inside watching new and old baseball highlights and talking the strategy of the game with anyone who will talk shop. He would absolutely love a chance to try out and would be happy in any position.