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  1. Bears
  2. Bear River Dirtbags
  3. Cache Wolverines
  4. Clutch 7’s
  5. Cobras
  6. DC Jets
  7. Delta Bombers
  8. Dominicana Baseball
  9. Fire 2.0
  10. Impact
  11. Lakers
  12. Mavericks Baseball
  13. Olympus Titans
  14. RA Baseball
  15. Salt Lake Roughriders
  16. Tiburones
  17. Tribe
  18. Utah Aces
  19. Utah Prospects
  20. Utah Smash
  21. Utah Stars
  22. Utah Storm
  23. Utah ThunderHawks
  24. Utah Venom
  25. Westlake Storm 7’s
  1. Battle Baseball
  2. Bear River Bears
  3. Blackfoot Broncos
  4. Box Elder Riverdawgs
  5. CV Wolverines
  6. Delta Baseball
  7. Eastern Utah Outlawz
  8. Farmington Freeze Blue
  9. Freeze Gray
  10. Idaho Falls Hawks
  11. Impact
  12. Knights Baseball
  13. Lost Boys
  14. Mavericks Baseball
  15. Oly Titans
  16. Olympus Titans
  17. Park City Miners Black
  18. RA Baseball
  19. Rebels
  20. Salt Lake Rough Riders
  21. Salt Lake Stingers
  22. Saratoga Cyclones
  23. Savages
  24. Silverbacks Baseball
  25. South County Thunder
  26. Taylorsville Warriors
  27. TC Knights
  28. Tiburones
  29. Utah Demons
  30. Utah Fighters
  31. Utah Quake
  32. Utah Rockies
  33. Utah Stars
  34. Westlake Storm
  1. Bandits
  2. Bear River Bears
  3. Beast Mode Baseball
  4. Ballhawks
  5. BR Bears
  6. Bucks Baseball
  7. Cache Wolverines Black
  8. Cache Wolverines Blue
  9. DC Legends
  10. Edge Baseball
  11. Farmington Bay Eagles
  12. Farmington Freeze Blue
  13. Honey Badgers
  14. Idaho Falls Hawks
  15. Impact
  16. Lakers
  17. Lumberkings 9’s
  18. JD Wolverines
  19. MBA Chargers
  20. Mavericks Baseball
  21. Mojo Baseball
  22. Mueller Park Braves
  23. Mueller Park Sharks
  24. ND FireHawks
  25. Olympus Titans
  26. Oly Titans
  27. Outsiders
  28. Park City Miners
  29. RA Baseball
  30. RiverDawgs
  31. Roosevelt Strike
  32. Salt Lake Sluggers
  33. Smashers
  34. South County Crush
  35. South Summit Wildcats
  36. TC Knights
  37. Utah Peaks
  38. UC Storm
  39. UC Tigers
  40. Utah Boom
  41. Utah Peaks
  42. Utah Swarm
  43. Utah Warriors
  1. Basin Cyclones
  2. Bears
  3. Bear River Bears
  4. Blackfoot Broncos
  5. Blue Sox
  6. Cache Valley Trappers
  7. Cache Wolverines American
  8. Cache Wolverines National
  9. Chargers Blue
  10. Colts
  11. Corner Canyon Chargers Gray
  12. Corner Canyon Chargers White
  13. C Raptors
  14. DC Mad Dawgz
  15. Dominicana Baseball 10’s
  16. Dominicana Baseball
  17. Dragons
  18. Farmington Phoenix
  19. Fire
  20. Idaho Falls Blaze
  21. Idaho Falls Hawks
  22. Impact
  23. Irish
  24. Killer Bees
  25. Legends
  26. Legion Baseball
  27. Lehi Curve
  28. MBA Grays
  29. Menace Baseball
  30. Olympus Titans
  31. PG Vikings
  32. RA Baseball
  33. Rattlers
  34. Roosevelt Strike
  35. Salt Lake Rizers
  36. Sting
  37. TC Hawks
  38. TC Knights
  39. UC Rhinos
  40. UC Trojans
  41. Uintah Baseball
  42. Utah Bombers
  43. Utah Bucks
  44. Utah Crushers
  45. Utah Marshalls
  46. Utah Socks
  47. Utah Swarm
  48. Wasatch Baseball
  49. Weber Masons
  50. West Coast Eagles
  51. Westlake Storm
  52. Wildfire
  53. Young Guns
  1. Basin Cyclones
  2. Bolt
  3. Bengals
  4. Bricks Baseball
  5. Cache Beavers
  6. Cache Valley Shockers
  7. Cache Valley Titans
  8. Cache Wolverines
  9. CV Commanders
  10. DC Sox
  11. Dominators
  12. Elite Level Sports
  13. Grantsville Cowboys
  14. Hammerz
  15. Hitmen
  16. Hustle
  17. Idaho Falls Chukars
  18. Idaho Prime
  19. Idaho Sidewinders
  20. Impact
  21. Killer Bees
  22. Kongo Black
  23. Lakers
  24. Lehi Rampage
  25. Lugnuts
  26. Mapleton Eagles
  27. MBA Highlanders
  28. MC Trojans
  29. MP Chiefs
  30. Naturals
  31. Northmen
  32. NU Bears
  33. Oly Titans Black
  34. Olympus Titans
  35. Power Baseball
  36. Rampage
  37. Rox
  38. SD Generals
  39. South Summit Wildcats
  40. SS Rams
  41. Sting
  42. Tiburones
  43. TNT Bombers
  44. Tribe Baseball
  45. T-Villains
  46. UC Baseball
  47. UT Crushers
  48. Utah Boom
  49. Utah Curve
  50. Utah IronBirds
  51. Utah Patriots
  52. Utah Sluggers
  53. Utah Warriors
  54. Wasatch Baseball
  55. West Desert Dusters
  56. Wildcat Baseball
  1. Aguilas
  2. Bear River Bears
  3. Bear River Braves
  4. Bees Baseball
  5. Bengals
  6. Blackfoot Broncos
  7. Blue Sox
  8. Bombers Baseball
  9. Bucks
  10. Cache Valley Sox
  11. Corner Canyon Chargers
  12. Crossfire
  13. Davis Aces
  14. Delta Baseball
  15. DingBats
  16. Dingerz
  17. Dominicana Baseball
  18. Elite Level Sports
  19. Grand
  20. Gulls BBC Anderson
  21. Gulls BBC Farr
  22. Idaho Falls Chukars
  23. Idaho Mayhem
  24. Impact
  25. Idaho Prime
  26. Kongo Black
  27. Kongo Red
  28. Lehi Baseball
  29. Malad Stingers
  30. Marsh Valley Eagles
  31. MBA Braves
  32. Menace Baseball
  33. Minico Smashers
  34. Morgan 050
  35. Mt. Olympus Titans
  36. Mueller Park Sharks
  37. North Cache Titans
  38. Northern Nitro
  39. Northern Utah Bruins
  40. Olympus Titans Black
  41. Panthers
  42. Park City Miners
  43. Peak Baseball
  44. RA Baseball
  45. Rampage
  46. Razorbacks
  47. Renegades
  48. Rigby Royals
  49. Salt Lake Sluggers
  50. Scrappers
  51. Sentinels Baseball
  52. Silver Bullets
  53. South Cache Mud Ducks
  54. Spartan Baseball
  55. Sting Gray
  56. Sting Royal
  57. Storm Baseball
  58. Taylorsville Warriors
  59. TC Hawks
  60. TC Impact
  61. TC Knights
  62. TC Titans
  63. Tiburones Baseball
  64. UC Steel
  65. Utah Bandits
  66. Utah Bucks
  67. Utah Crew
  68. Utah Crushers
  69. Utah Quakes
  70. Utah Shock
  71. Utah Stance
  72. Utah Swarm
  73. Vipers
  74. Wasatch Baseball
  75. WC Eagles
  76. Weber Wild
  77. Wildcats
  78. Wildhogs
  1. Bam Baseball
  2. Basin Cyclones
  3. Bear River Bears
  4. Bear River Rebels
  5. Bees Baseball Purple
  6. Bilt Baseball
  7. Black Diamonds
  8. Cavemen
  9. CU Bruins
  10. CV Orangemen
  11. DC Bombers
  12. Draper Beezz
  13. Grizzlies
  14. Idaho Bulls
  15. Juab Sting
  16. Lakers
  17. Lehi Rough Riders
  18. Madcats
  19. MC Trojans
  20. Mountain West Gray
  21. NUC ‘Lopes
  22. Olympus Titans
  23. Onset
  24. RA Baseball Berg
  25. RA Baseball Ollerton
  26. Ridgeline Hawks
  27. Salt Lake Avalanche
  28. Salt Lake Gators
  29. Sand Dogs
  30. Shock
  31. Stangs
  32. Sting Gray
  33. Sting Royal
  34. Strikers Baseball
  35. TC Cowboys
  36. TC Knights
  37. TC Predators
  38. Tiburones
  39. UC Renegades
  40. Utah Blitz
  41. Utah Bolt
  42. Utah Ducks
  43. Utah Rebels
  44. Wasatch Baseball
  45. Westlake Storm
  46. WC Eagles
  47. Wolfpack
  48. Wizards
  1. Alpine Angels
  2. Box Elder
  3. Kongo Black
  4. Lehi
  5. Ridgeline Mavericks
  6. Routine Baseball
  7. SEV Huskies
  8. TC All-Stars
  9. UC Baseball
  10. Udder Tuggers
  11. Utah Crushers
  • SmartScore 2nd-half Schedules will be posted by Monday, Sept 21
  • Click on the SmartScore logo below to view schedules by individual Age Division or Team as well as Standings by Region.

  • RMSB will NOT require the “USA Bat” for 2020 Season

    • 400+ Teams – 4 Geographical Regions:
      Idaho Region
      Northern Utah Region
      Salt Lake Valley Region
      Utah Valley Region

  • League Tournaments: There is 3 optional League Tournaments: Wendover Icebreaker, Pocatello, Idaho Falls. Saturdays games will count towards your team’s Super League record in each Tournament. Your team will not be scheduled in the regular league schedule for the week of the League Tournament. If you do not participate in a League Tournament your team will be scheduled for regular League games on those dates.

  • Team Rankings: You may wonder how we go about writing schedules with so many teams! It is our goal for as many games as possible to be competitive. Therefore, we ask each Team to “Rank Your Team” during the registration process. This assists us in scheduling your games with similar opponents; for this reason Teams may play the same team twice during the season.

  • Rosters: League Rosters are required at time of registration. You can login to your Shop RMSB account at a later date (must be done before league begins) to upload your players Birth Certificates and Liability Waivers. Your account will save all your Roster information for future events.

  • Schedules: Travel will be limited as much as possible. However, teams may play teams outside of their Region. Teams also may play the same team twice during the season. We ask that you re-check your schedules every Monday Night prior to your games. Schedules may change due to unforeseen circumstances. We thank you in advance for your understanding and adapting to any schedule changes. If your schedule is changed Monday after 6:00pm the week of your games, we will notify you of the change. Teams will be required to enter in their games scores every week by logging into their SmartScore account. Instructions on how to do so will be e-mailed to each Coach.

  • Tournament of Champions Qualifier: Super League is a Qualifier for the Tournament of Champions. The amount of teams that qualify through Super League will depend on how many open spots remain for the Tournament of Champions. Teams will be selected based off of Record and Strength of Schedule.

  • Background Checks for Coaches: All Head and Assistant Coaches for Super League will be REQUIRED to complete a background check every 3 years in order to coach. We are taking this step to help protect our players and coaches in this difficult era. We thank all coaches for their dedication and countless hours of service. Please realize this is a safeguard for our children. Click Here for instructions to complete the background check. The deadline for the background checks is March 31. There is a small fee required. Coaches will be contacted if there are any questions or concerns regarding their background check results.

  • Liability Waivers for Players: Waivers need to be filled out, signed, and uploaded to SHOP RMSB. New Waivers are required each season.

Super League Dates:

Super League Bye-Weeks:

  • Saturday, May 23 – Memorial Day Tournament (original date)
  • Saturday, July 4 – Firecracker Tournament
  • Saturday, July 18 – Memorial Day Tournament (postponed date)
  • Saturday, July 25 – Pioneer Tournament

The League will Provide the Following during the Super League Season:

  • Game Baseballs
  • Umpires
  • Playing Fields
  • Online Game Schedules via SmartScore
  • Online League Standings via SmartScore

The Top 2 Records from each Region plus 2 At-Large Teams will Qualify. At-Large teams will be selected based off League Standings and Strength of Schedule. The Idaho Region and Northern Utah Region will be combined for qualification. League games played after June 20 will NOT be taken into consideration for the Great 8 Teams. Teams that do not have ALL of their scores entered and a minimum of 12 games scheduled will not be eligible to participate. Also, teams Ranked as a “3” will not be eligible. Note: Only 4 Teams will qualify in the 8u Age Division

  • Format: 8 Team, Single Elimination League Tournament
  • Date: CANCELED for 2020 Season
  • Location: TBD
  • Team Fee: $150
  • Age Divisions: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u
  • Individual Awards: 1st and 2nd Place

Player Eligibility: Players are only eligible to play in the Great 8 if they have played Super League games with that team.

  • Super League began in 1994 with a total of 14 teams in two total Age Divisions. The original teams were from Cache County, Weber County, and Davis County. The intent for Super League from the beginning was to give kids more baseball opportunities and to provide a supplement to city recreation leagues. This is still RMSB’s goal for Super League which now covers the Intermountain West with teams from Southeast Idaho, Cache Valley, all along the Wasatch Front, and beyond. There have been many teams come and go in the past 25+ years. We thank the dedicated coaches, parents, and players, past and present, for making Super League into what it is today; a “400” team league that gives kids baseball opportunities and experiences that will last their lifetime.

Anyone is welcome to organize and form a team to play in our tournaments and leagues. To help you find players for your team, we provide a list of interested players on our Talent Pool. We invite you to use this list as a resource.May 1st is the cutoff date used. Example: If you are forming a 12u team, all players must be 12 or younger on April 30th of the season you are playing in. There are no boundary restrictions. Teams are required to provide their own uniforms and equipment. We provide baseballs for all of our events.We provide teams the opportunity to sign up online on our web site. We accept most credit cards and electronic checks.


If you are not interested in forming your own team, you are welcome to submit your player’s name on our Talent Pool. Our Talent Pool is a list of players that are looking to find a team. Coaches refer to this list when trying to fill spots on their teams. There is no fee for this service. The Talent Pool is located on our Bulletin Board on our web site.Also on our Bulletin Board we offer a page dedicated to Team Tryouts/Want Ads. Teams that need players list information regarding available spots on their teams. We encourage players interested in finding a team to refer to this information often.We only accept team registrations for our events. We do not take individual registrations. If you are unable to find a team using the above resources, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for as many kids as possible to play the game of baseball.