Tournament Comments

Memorial Day Tournament – 2018

Dear Players, Coaches, & Parents,

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Memorial Day Tournament successful and memorable. Utah County weather was mostly cooperative as well as the hosting cities. When Rocky Mountain School of Baseball originated our goal was to reach the masses of players that wished to participate in competitive baseball. The largest obstacle has been leveling the playing field. Therefore, changes have occurred along the way. The goals and expectations have changed dramatically the past few years. Goals of each team change frequently with some forming All-Star teams and some community teams. Hopefully we all are striving for one thing and that is to make our kids better human beings, going forward with their individual aspirations. Implementing the Gold & Silver Divisions has been successful to this point. Game scores and records at Memorial Day reflect parity. We will continue this format going forward with our larger tournaments.

The night before the tournament, Stephanie Lopez (the wife of Scott Lopez; 8u Lone Peak Dirtbags coach), passed away during surgery. Scott’s son elected to play the tournament in her honor. We thank the teams who played the Dirtbags during the tournament and for their gracious showing of gratitude. Scott couldn’t stay away either as he grieved on the field while coaching his team to a championship in the 8u Division.

The following is for the not so silent minority of adults:

The Coach of one team and 5 parents did not want to set a very good example for their own children by playing in the incorrect age division. Therefore, the kids were not given the opportunity to play because the adults tried to circumvent the rules.

Another adult did not want to understand our tie-breaking rules for qualification that RMSB has been using for 25 years. He took it even as far as accusing RMSB of collusion to break the tie.

Another Coach on Monday did not like the field they were moved to due to the Sunday rain and demanded the Parks Department to mow the outfield. Grass does grow between Thursday and Monday especially with a rain storm. It is important to keep in mind that when rain occurs and field changes are made to be grateful there is an alternate field to play baseball on.

Quotes from Players which were heard over the Weekend:

1. Dad please don’t scream you are embarrassing me!
2. This one didn’t need a quote: Player listening to his Dad yell, ran to the dugout and hid his head in his glove and cried.

We have to remember our roles as parents; support your son and cheer for your team. With this we will provide solitude for you and everyone at the Park.

Everyone, let’s have a good remainder of our 2018 Season as we still have a lot of Baseball to Play! Keep the game fun!


Dennis B. Udy

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