TOSH Skills Challenge

    • TOSH Skills Challenge – Winners [ 2018, 2017 ]
    • Date: Thursday, July 11, 2019
    • Start Time: 5:00 pm
    • Awards: 7:10 pm on Band Stage
    • Home Run Derby Start Time: 7:30 pm
    • Home Run Derby Awards: 8:45 p.m. on Concourse
    • Skills Challenge Schedules: Click Schedule Link for each Skill below
  • Attention Coaches & Parents: Volunteers may be needed for some Skills. Your help when requested by our staff will be appreciated.

Players need to arrive to each Event 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time. All times are approximate. Players should wear uniform during competition. Players may compete in a maximum of 2 individual events. All players must participate in at least one event (individual or team). Players will compete with their Age Division only. The Tournament BBQ and Live Band will be running simultaneously with the Skills Challenge so make sure to get some grub between Events!


    • Who: 2 Players Per Team (Individual Event)
    • Goal: To score the most points based on the below scoring system.  Award for 1st Place.
    • Description: Start at Centerfield and throw to Home, Then from Shortstop throw to First Base, End at Pitcher’s Mound and throw to Home (2 throws per spot, 30 second timer).
  • Rules: Most Points Wins: 15 Points for hitting the baseball off the tee (tee is at home plate), 10 Points for hitting the tee but the baseball doesn’t fall off, 4 Points for hitting inside the large garbage can, 2 Points for hitting outside the large garbage can.  Points scored from the outfield are worth double.  Throws from the outfield can bounce.  Throws from shortstop and pitcher must be on the fly.  If there is a tie, the most baseballs thrown directly into the bucket Wins!

    Outfield Distances
    8u Age Division: 135’
    9u Age Division: 150’
    10u Age Division: 150’
    11u Age Division: 165’
    12u Age Division: 165’
    13u Age Division: 180’
    14u Age Division: 180’


    • Who: 2 Players Per Team (Individual Event)
    • Goal: To be the fastest runner. Award for 1st Place.
  • Rules: Fastest time wins. Start at start line and run 60 yards to finish line.


    • Who: 10 Players Per Team (Team Event)
    • Goal: To have the best team speed. Award for 1st Place.
    • Description: Ten players per team participate in relay race. Five Players will Start at Home Plate and End at Home Plate while Five Players will start at 2nd Base and end at 2nd Base.  Two players will always be running simultaneously.  Base Dimensions may NOT be the exact dimensions each player uses for their specific age division.
  • Rules: Fastest time wins. Ten players participate from each team. Each Team can choose order of runners. Player must tag the next players hand before the next player can start running. Two second penalty for each base that is not touched.


  • Schedule 2019
  • Who: 9 Players Per Team (Team Event)
  • Goal: To have the fastest time Around the Horn. Award for 1st Place.
  • Description: Players must throw the baseball according to the below rules.
  • Rules: One practice round and one timed round. Baseball must be thrown in the following order. Players must step on the base at their position (including outfielders). Two second penalty for each base not touched. Overthrown balls can be retrieved by other fielders but ball must be returned to the base/player that was overthrown. Time begins when the ball leaves the Pitcher’s hand. Time ends when the Catcher tags Home Plate. Each team gets two rounds, a practice round and a timed round. Players may not switch positions between turns.

    1. Pitcher throws the ball to Catcher
    2. Catcher throws the ball to Shortstop (on 2nd Base)
    3. Shortstop throws the ball to Right Fielder
    4. Right Fielder throws the ball to 3rd Baseman
    5. 3rd Baseman throws the ball to Left Fielder
    6. Left Fielder throws the ball to 2nd Baseman
    7. 2nd Baseman throws the ball to Center Fielder
    8. Center Fielder throws the ball to 3rd Baseman
    9. 3rd Baseman throws the ball to 2nd Baseman
    10. 2nd Baseman throws the ball to 1st Baseman
    11. 1st Baseman throws the ball to Catcher and Catcher tags Home Plate


    • Who: 2 Players Per Team
    • Goal: To hit the most Home Runs. Award for 1st Place.
      • Description: Players will hit off a live pitcher and will attempt to hit a fair ball home run over the fence.
    • Fence distances by feet:
      8u = 125
      9u & 10u
      11u & 12u = 200
      13u & 14u = 250
  • Rules: Most Home Runs wins. 8 Swings Per Player. Players must provide their own Pitcher.  You can choose the pitching distance.  A L-screen will be provided.  If there is a tie a Hit Off will be played; 4 Swings each Player until tie is broken. 14u must use BBCOR bats.

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