Fall League

  • Dates: August 29, 2020 – October 10, 2020
  • Format: 12 Game Schedule – Saturday Doubleheaders
  • Age Divisions: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u, 18u
  • Team Fee: $850 – *Using 2021 Age Divisions
  • Background Check for Coaches:  [Information & Steps]
  • Player Liability Waiver: [Print, Sign & Upload to Team Roster on shop.rmsb.com]
  • Registration Available: July 2020
  • First Half Schedules will be posted by Saturday, August 22/|

League Schedules & Information

Fall League: The League will begin, Saturday August 29th.  Saturday, September 5th is a League-wide Bye Week for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.  We hold our Labor Day Tournament in Utah County over the Bye Week. The Fall program is intended as an opportunity to prepare teams for the Spring and Summer of the 2020 season. In many cases players will move to a larger sized diamond, with some rule changes in affect. The Fall League is a preparatory and instructional time with the focus being on player development. Thus, teams are not required to report scores, as no standings are kept for the Fall League. The Cache Valley Clash is an optional League Tournament. and is also available for teams outside the League with open registration. However, for the League teams the Saturday games will count as Fall League games.

  • Background Checks for Coaches: All Head and Assistant Coaches for Fall League are  REQUIRED to complete a background check every 3 years in order to coach.  We are taking this step to help protect our players and coaches in this difficult era. We thank all coaches for their dedication and countless hours of service.  Please realize this is a safeguard for our children.  Click here for instructions to complete the background check.  The deadline for the background checks is Tuesday, August 18th. There is a small fee required. Coaches will be contacted if there are any questions or concerns regarding their background check results.  If coaches already submitted a background check for Super League they do NOT need to submit one again for Fall League.
  • Field Addresses: When viewing the schedules on SmartScore; the Teardrop Icon (displayed at the right of the park text) is a link to Google Maps using the Park Address.
League Provides
The League will Provide the following during the Fall League Season:

  • Game Baseballs
  • Umpires
  • Playing Fields
  • Online Schedules
Playing Dates
Saturday Doubleheaders
Week 1: Saturday, August 29th
Week 2: Saturday, September 12th
Week 3: Saturday, September 19th
Week 4: Saturday, September 26th
Cache Valley Clash Tournament (Optional)
Week 5: Saturday, October 3rd
Week 6: Saturday, October 10th
Rain Out Make-up Date: Saturday, October 17th

The League will be divided into 4 geographical Regions

  • Idaho Region
  • Northern Utah
  • Salt Lake Valley Region
  • Utah Valley Region

Coaches: If you have a field that is available eMail Us

Teams may be scheduled to play teams outside their Region.  Teams may play the same team twice.

BBCOR Bats will be required in 2019 Fall League and Fall Tournaments for the 14u, 16u, & 18u Age Divisions.

Fall League Teams

Forming or Finding a Team

  • Forming a Team
    Anyone is welcome to organize and form a team to play in our tournaments and leagues. To help you find players for your team, we provide a list of interested players on our Talent Pool. We invite you to use this list as a resource.May 1st is the cutoff date used. Example: If you are forming a 12u team, all players must be 12 or younger on April 30th of the season you are playing in. There are no boundary restrictions. Teams are required to provide their own uniforms and equipment. We provide baseballs for all of our events.We provide teams the opportunity to sign up online on our web site. We accept most credit cards and electronic checks.
  • Finding a Team
    If you are not interested in forming your own team, you are welcome to submit your player’s name on our Talent Pool. Our Talent Pool is a list of players that are looking to find a team. Coaches refer to this list when trying to fill spots on their teams. There is no fee for this service. The Talent Pool is located on our Bulletin Board on our web site.Also on our Bulletin Board we offer a page dedicated to Team Tryouts/Want Ads. Teams that need players list information regarding available spots on their teams. We encourage players interested in finding a team to refer to this information often.We only accept team registrations for our events. We do not take individual registrations. If you are unable to find a team using the above resources, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for as many kids as possible to play the game of baseball.

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