Easter Tournament

Spring Break

The first 3 years we held the Spring Break Tournament for the late Bryan Hardy (former RMSB employee) and the ALS Foundation. However, this will be our 4th year donating ALL proceeds from the Rocky Mountain School of Baseball Spring Break Tournament to help community members receiving kidney dialysis care.

In 2008, Dennis Udy was diagnosed with kidney failure and received dialysis treatments at Logan Regional Hospital three days a week for 13 months. Dennis was fortunate to have the opportunity to receive a kidney transplant from his son on December 30th, 2008. However, many people like Dennis, have received or are currently receiving dialysis treatments, but have not yet had an opportunity for a kidney transplant. The Rocky Mountain School of Baseball will continue our commitment to give back to the medical community. Thank you for your Support.

Tournament Schedules & Information

Playing Locations


Age Division Projected Playing Fields
7u St. George, UT (area)
8u St. George, UT (area)
9u St. George, UT (area)
10u St. George, UT (area)
11u St. George, UT (area) & Mesquite, NV
12u St. George, UT (area) & Mesquite, NV
13u St. George, UT (area) & Mesquite, NV
14u St. George, UT (area) & Mesquite, NV

Spring Break Teams

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