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If you last Registered in 2016 – You need to Register again for 2019 Season

Fall League Coaches: We would like to take a moment of your time and apologize in advance. RMSB owes you and every other coach a debt of gratitude for your dedication over the years and for your commitment to the game and your team. Our kids are being educated and raised in a difficult era in many ways. However, we need to give all parents confidence that their children can indeed play under your guidance.

Therefore, RMSB took a new step to help protect our players and coaches starting in 2013. RMSB will continue in 2019 to REQUIRE background checks for the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches.

Though, this is new to RMSB, background checks have been done for years by other organizations including Little League. For you who have coached multiple years with RMSB please do not look at this as a slap in the face, but rather a safeguard for our children.


Dennis B. Udy & RMSB Staff

NOTE: This position requires that each individual pays for their own background check. Before your application is submitted you will be required to enter credit card information and successfully process a payment of $14.00.

Coach Background System

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