RMSB provides 17 youth baseball tournaments throughout each year. Tournaments vary in size and setting. While most tournaments are held in Utah, tournaments are hosted in Idaho and Nevada as well. Tournaments range from 20 to 340 teams. The 340 team Memorial Day Tournament may be the largest single tournament in the Country. RMSB thanks all cities and communities who have assisted in providing tournaments for the youth over the past 20+ years.

Super League started in 1994 for the baseball player as a supplement to City Recreation Leagues. RMSB has always encouraged players to continue to play within the neighborhood framework which most communities provide. The number of teams in Super League has increased from 14 to well over 400 teams over the years. This growth is attributed to the many volunteer coaches that have come through RMSB the past 20+ years. Fall League started a few years following Super League. Fall Ball is looked at as a time for players to more fully enjoy the game and is viewed as less competitive in nature than Super League.

RMSB has provided youth baseball camps for over 20 years in the Western States. Camps are organized annually in Nevada and Utah. Camps are also held in rural communities by working with local Little Leagues and giving back to their programs. The following Cities have welcomed RMSB Camps over the last 20 years; Lake Havasu (AZ), Las Vegas (NV), Mesquite (NV), Green River (WY), Rock Springs (WY), Star Valley (WY), Lander (WY), Idaho Falls (ID), Pocatello (ID), Moab (UT), Salina (UT), West Jordan (UT), Lindon (UT), St. George (UT), and Logan (UT). Thank you for giving RMSB’s professional staff the opportunity to give back to the game.